20 Weeknote 47/2015
15 INCOMING: #BelshawBlackOps15 (Part 2)
14 Weeknote 46/2015
13 The New Nepotism
8 Why the future remains bright for Open Badges
6 Weeknotes 44 and 45/2015
4 Deliberate Practice and Digital Literacies [DMLcentral]
24 Weeknote 43/2015
22 5 ways to use NFC-enabled business cards
20 Open Badges location extension
16 Weeknote 42/2015
10 Weeknote 41/2015
2 Weeknote 40/2015
29 The TIDE is high…
25 Weeknote 39/2015
23 A Decentralized System for Education and Assessment
19 Weeknote 38/2015
18 Taking Another Look at the Digital Credentials Landscape [DMLcentral]
15 How to sponsor Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel newsletter
12 Weeknote 37/2015
11 Radio EDUtalk session: talking podcasting, badges, and tools for productivity with John Johnston
10 Apple product launches as attention conservation devices
9 Your liberty will not survive combat drones
4 Weeknote 36/2015
2 An experiment in using LinkedIn Pulse for blogging
1 Hey, I’m back! (with some thoughts on Twitter and an update on my newsletter)
1 #BelshawBlackOps15 (part 1) has begun!
31 Weeknote 31/2015
30 Towards a visual hierarchy of Open Badges
28 How to help us build #OB101
27 Reader survey: 2015 edition
25 Weeknote 30/2015
24 [INCOMING] #BelshawBlackOps15 (part 1)
20 Weeknote 29/2015
16 Identifying, scaffolding, and credentialing skills in an ever-changing digital environment [#celt15]
14 Setting an Agile School Rhythm [DMLcentral]
13 Claim your Advanced Kanban badge!
11 Weeknote 28/2015
10 Introducing the Open Badges 101 course! [pre-alpha]
9 The Increasing Significance of Social Media in the Learner Journey [FE Week]
8 The Increasing Significance of Technology in Further Education [FE Week]
3 Weeknote 27/2015
30 Claim your Kanban 101 badge!
29 HOWTO: Trello Kanban
27 Weeknote 26/2015
19 Weeknote 25/2015
18 Three of the best people I’ve ever worked with…
15 Important news for subscribers to my weekly newsletter
12 Weeknote 24/2015
6 Weeknote 23/2015
3 The potential of Chirp.io to send Open Badges between people and devices
1 ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ is now £3.99!
29 Weeknote 22/2015
29 Extending Badges [DMLcentral]
27 Wednesday Wisdom #38: Foundations
26 Web Literacy: what happens beyond peak centralisation and software with shareholders?
25 Flying a drone through Mitford Castle window
22 Weeknote 21/2015
20 Towards a taxonomy of Open Badges for City & Guilds
20 Wednesday Wisdom #37: Confluence
18 My #TwitteratiChallenge blog post
15 Weeknote 20/2015
13 Wednesday Wisdom #36: Cats
9 How to subscribe to (and sponsor!) my weekly newsletter
8 Weeknote 19/2015
6 Community Alignment model v0.5
3 My Twitter ads verdict: a waste of time and money
1 Weeknote 18/2015
1 Experimenting with Twitter ads for my ebook
29 Wednesday Wisdom #35: Copyright
27 Open Networked Learning webinar
24 Weeknote 17/2015
24 An exciting week for Open Badges
22 Wednesday Wisdom #34: Promises
21 Why you should create canonical URLs
20 A Community Alignment model
17 Weeknote 16/2015
16 The three biggest (perceived) problems with Open Badges
15 Wednesday Wisdom #33: Uncertainty
14 HOWTO: Create a podcast
12 Why I left teaching five years ago
11 Weeknote 15/2015
10 Tetris, badges, and learning pathways
8 Wednesday Wisdom #32: Quality
4 Weeknote 14/2015
1 Wednesday Wisdom #31: Context
31 Peering Deep into Future of Educational Credentialing [DMLcentral]
30 The Next Chapter
28 Weeknote 13/2015
27 Today is my last day at Mozilla
25 Wednesday Wisdom #30: Robots
20 Weeknote 12/2015
18 Wednesday Wisdom #29: Completion
14 Weeknote 11/2015
11 Wednesday Wisdom #28: Influence
10 Today In Digital Education (TIDE): a new podcast from Dai Barnes and Doug Belshaw
9 Soft-launching Dynamic Skillset, my new consultancy
6 Weeknote 10/2015
4 Wednesday Wisdom #27: Trying
28 Weeknotes 08/2015 and 09/2015
26 An important day for the Internet
25 Wednesday Wisdom #26: Friends & Enemies
24 3 reasons I’ve decided to resurrect my LinkedIn account
13 Weeknote 07/2015
11 Wednesday Wisdom #25: Distraction
9 A visual history of the first two years of Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map
7 Weeknote 06/2015
5 My current Mozilla workflow: Trello, Google Mail, and GitHub
4 Wednesday Wisdom #24: Courage
2 Technological innovation and mental models
1 #ScreenFreeSunday
31 Cashing in on your privilege
30 Weeknote 05/2015
30 On working remotely
29 Learning Pathways: Descriptive or Prescriptive? [DMLcentral]
28 Wednesday Wisdom #23: Clash of Mythologies
27 Bryan Mathers: who are you and what do you do?
26 Do big ideas need big spaces?
25 An Unreasonable Man writes his Damn Book
24 Weeknote 04/2015
23 How do you explain the web to your kids?
22 Volcanoes and ambiguity
21 Wednesday Wisdom #22: Have Double of Life’s Necessities
20 Seven places I find interesting, relevant and useful stuff in 2015
19 Announcing TWO new e-books: #uppingyourgame v2.0 and an Essential Elements of Digital Literacies workbook
17 Your questions answered about Dynamic Skillset, my upcoming consultancy
16 Weeknote 03/2015
15 The ABC of creating a system for personal productivity
14 Wednesday Wisdom #21: Born in the right century
13 On the difference between ‘ought’ and ‘is’ (and getting from one to the other)
12 Join me this Thursday for a Connected Learning webinar: An Introduction to ‘Teaching the Web’ and ‘Web Literacy’
11 My next e-book: three options for you to vote on
10 Scripting the first hour of each (week)day
9 Weeknote 02/2015
9 Answering questions from #durbbu
8 What (some) people think about ‘radical participation’
6 Radical participation: a smörgåsbord
4 HOWTO: use GitHub Pages to host a bootstrap-themed website
3 Towards zero: the pricing strategy for my ebook ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’
2 Yearnote 2014
1 What I got up to during #BelshawBlackOps14 (and what 2015 has in store)

31 #BelshawBlackOps14 has started – see you in January!
24 Curate or Be Curated: Why Our Information Environment is Crucial to a Flourishing Democracy, Civil Society [DMLcentral]
22 What I’m doing at #MozFest 2014
21 A 10-point #MozFest survival guide
17 Weeknote 42/2014
15 [INCOMING] #BelshawBlackOps14
11 Weeknote 41/2014
10 Towards an architecture of participation for episodic volunteering
3 Weeknote 40/2014
27 Weeknote 39/2014
19 Weeknote 38/2014
12 Weeknote 37/2014
8 Web Literacy: More than just coding; an enabling education for our times [EdTech Digest]
6 Weeknote 36/2014
2 POSTPONED: Mozilla Maker Party Newcastle 2014
30 Weeknote 35/2014
29 Scaffolding Web Literacy Through Learning Pathways [DMLcentral]
28 Twitter, algorithms, and digital dystopias
26 Indie Tech Summit: On raising the next generation [VIDEO]
24 Battening down the hatches (again)
22 Weeknote 34/2014
19 Open Badges: 3D printing for credentials?
17 Hill Skills training in Northumberland
15 Weeknotes 31, 32 & 33
15 Announcing Maker Party Newcastle 2014
14 Walking to calm the monkey chatter mind
13 What I learned while dragging my family around Europe with a car and a tent
29 Gone campin’
25 Weeknote 30/2014
21 FirefoxOS v2.0 is possibly the easiest-to-use smartphone operating system I’ve experienced
19 A quick update on ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’
18 Weeknote 29/2014
16 I needed to write a blog post this morning…
11 Weeknote 28/2014
5 Weeknote 27/2014
28 Weeknote 26/2014
27 Announcing the launch of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’
20 Weeknote 25/2014
18 My morning routine
16 Why I’ve just closed my LinkedIn account
15 HOWTO: Ditch Gmail for self-hosted webmail
14 Weeknote 24/2014
13 Reclaiming the Web for the Next Generation [DMLcentral]
9 Launch preparations for ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’
7 Weeknote 23/2014
3 Faking Cultural Literacy
30 Weeknote 22/2014
28 So here’s the problem…
27 v0.99 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
24 Weeknote 21/2014
21 First world problems (or, On buying a house in 2014)
20 An update on ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’
19 On ‘Kit Builder’
16 Weeknote 20/2014
15 An emerging workflow
10 Weeknotes 18 & 19/2014
9 Mozilla Webmaker training starts Monday 12th May!
26 Be More Doug
25 Weeknote 17/2014
23 Software with shareholders (or, the menace of private public spaces)
21 What’s the project?
20 Weeknote 16/2014
19 Rethinking Literacy for the Web [Educating Modern Learners]
13 Choose your silo (or, Why are we partying like it’s 1999?)
12 Weeknote 15/2014
5 Weeknote 14/2014
4 Bad Parenting (or, On The Meditative Nature of Screens)
1 Why I still believe in badges [DMLcentral]
28 Weeknote 13/2014
25 Writing and publishing openly online
22 Weeknote 12/2014
15 Weeknote 11/2014
14 Does Open Education and the Open Web need ‘defending’?
12 What does working openly on the web mean in practice? [UK Web Focus]
11 On the link between Open Education and the Open Web
10 Open Education and the Open Web (#openeducationwk)
7 Weeknote 10/2014
3 What’s new with Open Badges?
1 Weeknote 09/2014
25 New to digital literacies? Read this.
24 More on the web as the platform
21 Weeknote 08/2014
13 Weeknote 07/2014
11 Gozo no go
10 Weeknote 06/2014
4 Re-imagining the Where, When, and How of Educational Practice [DMLcentral]
1 Weeknote 05/2014
31 3 things I’m looking forward to at the Webmaker workweek
27 3 things I do to work more productively throughout the day
25 Weeknote 04/2014
21 Where I’ll be at BETT (#bett2014)
17 Weeknote 03/2014
16 A Hacker News for education?
15 The Web Literacy Standard is dead (long live the Web Literacy Map!)
13 The web is the platform (or, the perils of esoteric setups)
12 A letter from the future
10 Weeknote 02/2014
8 Find what you can influence, and focus your attention
6 v0.9 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
4 Why I’m ditching Evernote for Simplenote (and Notational Velocity)
3 7 ways to make this your happiest year yet
1 What I got up to during #BelshawBlackOps13 (and what 2014 has in store)

31 #BelshawBlackOps13 has started
28 Announcing the Web Literacy Standard (specification)
27 Minimum Viable Badge
25 Where I’ll be at MozFest
24 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Why have managers?
22 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Goals, scheduling, shipping
18 Weeknote 42/2013
18 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Problem Solving and Decision Making
15 [INCOMING] #BelshawBlackOps13
14 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Practicalities
13 My iPad Mini apps (October 2013)
11 Weeknote 41/2013
9 3 things I saw at the Mozilla Summit that blew my mind
4 Weeknote 40/2013
1 What I learned from turning my ‘Out of Office’ auto-replies on for a month
28 Weeknote 39/2013
26 Moving on from SpiderOak Hive to BTSync
24 Battening down the hatches
23 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Scale, Chaordic Systems & Trust
21 Weeknote 38/2013
18 Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Introduction
17 The Ontology of the Web (Or, Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Learning Standards) [DMLcentral]
14 Weeknote 37/2013
10 Weeknote 36/2013
31 Weeknote 35/2013
28 Why I’m saying goodbye to Dropbox and hello to SpiderOak Hive
27 No, no, no, no, no
25 On the NSA revelations
25 Weeknote 34/2013
25 The Silent Writing Collective
23 My next 100 days at Mozilla
22 I am not Richard Stallman
18 Weeknote 33/2013
13 A new blog: discours.es
12 Transitioning into a new role at Mozilla
10 Weeknote 32/2013
3 Weeknote 31/2013
29 Web Literacy Standard RFC
28 Weeknote 30/2013
21 Badge Camp 2013
21 Weeknote 29/2013
13 Weeknote 28/2013
12 Who I am and how I work: Eugenie Teasley
9 It’s time to register for MozFest 2013!
8 Mozilla Maker Party Newcastle (17 August 2013)
6 Weeknote 27/2013
2 v0.7 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
1 A quick look back at my first year at Mozilla
29 Why would I send my child to secondary school?
29 Weeknote 26/2013
28 5 reasons to use Open Source Software
25 I’ve got a Firefox OS phone
22 Weeknote 25/2013
21 New Open Badges napkin sketch
18 Privacy, the NSA and Web Literacies [DMLcentral]
15 Weeknote 24/2013
12 Zen and the Art of Digital Literacies [video + article]
9 Weeknote 23/2013
9 Reality check: in light of the NSA revelations, just who do we need to fear?
7 Mozilla needs your help with a final push for the Web Literacy Standard (beta)!
1 Weeknote 22/2013
28 No more #LettingGrow
26 TILTW reaches 100!
25 Weeknote 21/2013
24 I may not be subtle, but I am now @Svbtle
23 Explaining Open Badges through analogy
18 Weeknote 20/2013
13 Reading, feeding and seeding
10 Weeknote 19/2013
8 Answering your questions about Open Badges
5 How transferable are coding skills to other domains? Why is learning a little code important? (#teachtheweb)
4 Weeknote 18/2013
3 Profit: the purpose of education? [GETideas.org]
1 Maslow and the minimalist movement
30 What does a non-Web world look like? Investigating Bittorrent Sync.
29 An Anarcho-Syndicalist critique of Web browsers
28 Weeknote 17/2013
26 First draft of Mozilla’s Web Literacy standard now available!
24 Roundup of some stuff I’ve been involved with recently
23 Mozilla Webmaker MOOC kicking off May 2nd for 9 weeks!
22 Habits are things you get for free
21 You are not Mr Gove’s audience
20 Weeknote 16/2013
19 Mozilla Web Literacy standard: draft release candidate
18 My iPhone apps (April 2013)
16 Structured procrastination
15 Latest version of Web Literacy standard grid (15th April 2013)
14 Why educational reform is like Jenga.
13 Weeknote 15/2013
8 Latest version of Web Literacy standard grid (8 April 2013)
6 Weeknote 14/2013
4 What does it mean to ‘align’ with the Web Literacy standard?
2 Web Literacy Standard: a modest proposal (#weblitstd)
30 Weeknote 13/2013
27 Ambiguity, OER & Open Badges (#OER13 keynote)
23 Weeknote 12/2013
21 Why I
18 v0.6 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
16 Weeknote 11/2013
14 Open Badges reaches v1.0!
11 Thinking through the Web Literacy standard arc.
8 Weeknote 10/2013
6 A tribute to Chris Allan (@infernaldepart)
4 Supporting a Generation of Digital Makers
2 Weeknote 09/2013
1 Belshaw beard blooms. (#LettingGrow update)
28 First Mozilla Web Literacy standard community call recording now available
25 Web Literacy standard weekly community calls starting this Thursday
23 Weeknote 08/2013
20 Two online gatherings you should be part of (today/tomorrow)
19 Planning permission approved for my #shoffice!
19 Recording of my #etmooc session on Digital Literacies now available.
18 Why we need a learning standard for Web Literacy [DMLcentral]
17 T3S1: Digital Literacies with Dr. Doug Belshaw (#etmooc)
16 How to ensure your blog posts last forever.
15 Weeknote 07/2013
14 On ‘rigour’ in definitions of digital and web literacy.
12 Reading books in front of kids is not enough.
10 Thinking through helping my kids learn Web concepts.
8 Weeknote 06/2013
7 Towards a new, open learning standard for Web Literacy
6 Towards a Web Literacy standard: (4) How?
5 Towards a Web Literacy standard: (3) Who?
4 Towards a learning standard for Web Literacy: (2) What? Why?
2 Weeknote 05/2013
31 Towards a learning standard for Web Literacy: (1) Introduction.
28 Some Thoughts on Interest-based Pathways to Learning. [DMLcentral]
27 Some (brief) thoughts about online peer assessment.
26 Weeknote 04/2013
24 MOOCs, online education and the rights of learners.
21 How I plan my working days. [RESOURCES]
19 Weeknote 03/2013
16 On living in the future
15 Mozilla Thimble + Popcorn Maker: a productive Webmaking partnership
14 A conversation with Audrey Watters about Web Literacies.
12 Weeknote 02/2013
9 Videos for #openbadges workshops [RESOURCES]
7 v0.5 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
3 What I got up to during #BelshawBlackOps12 (and what 2013 has in store)
1 Letting Grow.

1 #BelshawBlackOps12 has started – see you in 2013!
28 Why governments, schools and other public institutions should use Github.
26 How to make #openbadges work for you and your organisation.
24 Want a tablet? Choose your vendor lock-in.
23 Why ‘government as platform’ is a really bad idea.
22 Reading list for #BelshawBlackOps12
21 What is ‘technology’ anyway?
19 Why we need more e-learning staff tutors
17 Some thoughts on learning technologies in the classroom
16 [INCOMING] #BelshawBlackOps12
13 Using Raspberry Pi and XBMC to build an ultra-cheap HTPC.
11 Webmaker badges are GO!
9 Preparing for #MozFest
26 Mozilla Web Literacies v0.9 (#mozweblit)
21 Time for a NICE-r kind of education?
20 More thoughts on iPads and one-to-one initiatives.
19 Some thoughts on iPads and one-to-one initiatives [DMLcentral]
18 On the ‘openness’ of Open Badges.
16 How I use a MacBook Pro (October 2012)
15 Open Badges, Clay Shirky, and the tipping point.
11 Because obviously I’m a male chauvinist pig.
10 A #shoffice update (October 2012)
5 Mozilla Web Literacies white paper v0.8
4 My response to the ICT Programme of Study consultation
3 MozFest!
1 Productivity for what?
30 Blog redesign: October 2012 edition
29 TeachMeet Mozilla Webmaker Edition: 6 October 2012
27 What Constitutes ‘Rigour’ in Our 21st-Century Educational Systems? [DMLcentral]
26 Time, innovation and funding.
24 My high school report.
23 BYOD and cross-platform tools for learning.
21 On the mental cost of inventing new categories.
20 On private schools becoming academies.
19 What I’m up to for Mozilla at the moment.
18 Mozilla Web Literacies v0.7
14 Thinking About Web Literacy, Making, & Sharing with Mozilla [AUDIO]
10 Mozilla, Webmaking, and the Architecture of Participation
4 Project Reclaim: a pragmatic update
3 v0.4 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
2 Game design, gamification, game mechanics and games-based learning.
30 Digital literacies and why they’re important… for everyone!
29 Why a ‘mixed economy’ of digital devices is best for your educational institution.
27 A few brief thoughts on the Google Nexus 7. [REVIEW]
24 Some thoughts on time, performativity, and the State.
23 On the relationship between Digital Literacies and Web Literacies. [VIDEO]
22 Announcing TeachMeet Mozilla Webmaker Edition 2012 [EVENT]
21 Digital Literacies and Web Literacies: What’s the Difference? [DMLcentral]
18 Announcement: there may be some turbulence. [SITE UPDATES]
17 Famous for 42 seconds. [AUDIO]
16 Evaluation: the absolute basics
15 What we’re up to with Mozilla Webmaker (Open) badges.
14 Productivity 101: calendars (nouns) and reminders (verbs)
13 Stuff I continually reference.
11 Doug’s new #shoffice
10 Another day, another Connected Learning webinar [VIDEO]
9 Google Apps for Education UK summit [HELP REQUIRED]
8 How to implement technology successfully in your organisation.
7 Connected Learning webinar on Hacker Literacies featuring yours truly. [VIDEO]
6 An elevator pitch for #openbadges (v0.2) [VIDEO]
5 Sullen.
4 On (not) working in academia.
3 Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.8: vendor lock-in for the masses?
30 v0.3 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available! [E-BOOK]
29 Have you subscribed to TILTW yet?
28 Is Michael Gove systematically dismantling English state education?
27 [UPDATED] Google+ Hangout about #openbadges TODAY 11:00 (BST)
26 Mozilla Web Literacies v0.5
25 HOWTO: Issue #openbadges in 5 steps using WordPress + WPBadger
24 Web Literacies: What is the ‘Web’ Anyway? [DMLcentral]
23 What a weekend! (#MozParty Newcastle & #GreatNorth10k)
22 Education: sometimes it’s not complex (a reply to Nick Dennis).
19 Informal learning, gaming, and #openbadges design
18 Lesson plans, social bookmarking and the purpose of education: a response to the latest Hack Education podcast
17 Coming to an event near you…
16 My elevator pitch for #openbadges (v0.1 alpha) [VIDEO]
15 Aim for the high ground, not the high horse.
12 On the important differences between literacies, skills and competencies.
10 S2R reporters interview me about #openbadges at #MozLDN
5 On digital ownership. This is HUGE.
4 Working for an Academy vs. working for JISC infoNet [visualisation]
3 Web Literacies: building on the work of Michelle Levesque
2 Getting up to speed on the technical side of #openbadges
1 Some clarification of my position on private schools.
30 The 10 most popular posts of the first half of 2012 are…
29 #OpenBadges through the rear-view mirror?
28 Some thoughts on the Department for Education’s consultation on ‘Parental Internet Controls’.
27 Doctor Doug.
26 Why the knowledge vs. skills debate in education is wrong-headed.
25 Join me at #MozParty Newcastle on 21st July 2012! [EVENT]
20 On the Importance of Webmaking [DMLcentral]
18 Commodification, consumerism and the new ‘Retina’ MacBook Pro.
14 Web literacies? (v0.2 beta)
13 How to focus in the age of distraction. [GRAPHIC]
9 Two presentations (#TELIC1 & #iDragon) [VIDEO]
6 Why I’m becoming a MoFo(er).
5 Digital literacy, digital natives, and the continuum of ambiguity (#openpeerreview)
4 Displaying #OpenBadges with BadgeWidgetHack.
2 Purpos/ed: #500words Take 2
31 Zen and the Art of Digital Literacies (#EdTech12)
23 Examining conceptions of innovation in educational technology [INTERVIEW]
17 Reconfiguring Mozilla’s Web Literacies (v0.1 alpha)
15 Changing thinking vs. Changing systems.
12 This is why teachers leave teaching.
10 On routines and rituals.
7 Project Reclaim: experimenting with openphoto.me
5 Purpos/ed #500words Take 2
2 [RECORDING] Connected Learning webinar on Open Badges
30 Arson at Ellington Nature Reserve.
29 v0.2 of ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ now available!
27 On writing every day.
24 A few things that may interest you…
21 Wordle-like Twitter screens for conference keynote presenters?
18 3 rules for our five year-old (that work!)
16 More on P2PU’s School of Webcraft
13 9 ideas in search of a blog post.
10 Project Reclaim: consolidating my blogs.
9 3 principles for a more Open approach.
8 Platforms as standards? 10 days with the Nokia N9.
5 Swimming Against the Tide: Tracking the Genesis of ‘Rebellious’ Approaches to Educational Technology.
3 100 people have now bought in to my e-book on digital literacies!
2 Badges: talking at cross purposes?
31 Gaining Some Perspective on Badges for Lifelong Learning [DMLcentral]
30 Beyond Elegant Consumption.
26 Interview: Josh Johnson
23 My TEDx talk on ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ [video]
21 Beyond the Textbook?
20 On the new politics of technology.
18 Surfacing stuff you may not have seen.
17 Getting back on the productivity wagon.
15 School of Webcraft: Webmaking 101
13 Obliquity, PISA, and ‘shareholder value’ in education.
10 #TEDxWarwick: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies
9 Impact: the most important reason for working in the open? (#openeducationweek)
5 DML Conference 2012 (#DML2012) – my highlights
3 Education: it’s what you can’t see that counts.
1 Connected Learning: a new model of learning.
22 The story behind 3 presentations: #cetis12, #dml2012 and #TEDxWarwick
21 Tools and processes
18 Teaching the fourth “r:” webmaking as a vital 21st century skill?
12 Why the REMIX is at the heart of digital literacies
10 What’s the point of education? [Guardian Teacher Network]
7 Twitter, TweetBot and Custom API endpoints
5 Announcing my new e-book: ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ (#digilit)
4 Conferences as Catalysts for Educational Innovation and Change [DMLcentral]
1 The Essentials? (#divest12)
30 Web literacy? (v0.1)
29 Stripping back: #divest12
27 In defence of digital literacies.
25 Beyond academic journals?
22 Journals, academia and the ivory tower.
21 You need us more than we need you.
18 Radio EDUtalk and #LWF12
15 Ed.D. thesis: an update
15 2012 blog reader survey: full breakdown
14 2012 reader survey: interim results and book winners!
11 How to create searchable notes from books using Evernote and your smartphone.
7 Take my inagural reader survey. It’ll take 5 minutes, tops. Promise.
5 Best of Belshaw 2011 now available!
3 What I got up do during #BelshawBlackOps11 (and what 2012 has in store)
1 Thanks for waiting! Dr. Belshaw will see you now.

1 #BelshawBlackOps11 has started. See you in 2012!
30 We need education for resilience, not flexibility.
29 Investing in infrastructure: does it work?
28 The Pre-Digital and the Post-Digital.
27 Video of my Hybrid Days presentation about digital literacies now available!
25 Come and ask me questions LIVE at my Hybrid Days presentation on digital literacies.
24 #ukedchat #fail: TES attempts takeover cover-up whilst Pearson muscles-in on grassroots Twitter teacher CPD.
24 JISC Online Conference session on digital literacy (#jiscel11)
23 An example of innovation being built upon standardization.
23 Exploring digital literacies and illiteracies
22 How to Develop Digital Literacies in Yourself and Others [PRESENTATION]
19 Robots: the elephant(s) in the room?
17 Innovation in education: what I’ll be talking about at the Guardian event today. (#IIE2011)
16 Stop SOPA.
14 [REMINDER] #BelshawBlackOps11
11 Building a better future (despite the 1%)
11 Why we need open, distributed social networks.
10 Why peer-review is flawed.
8 Bauman on inequality and the logic of capital.
5 Zygmunt Bauman on Liquidity vs. Solidity
4 If not now, when? Why we need #openbadges and #dmlbadges for lifelong learning RIGHT NOW.
1 [INCOMING] #BelshawBlackOps11
29 My mobile learning article for the Guardian Teacher Network
20 Of Bitcoin and Badges.
17 What I Learned at #MobilityShifts last week in NYC.
5 On the importance of human agency.
4 Getting started with Digital Literacies [Presentation]
3 Introducing neverendingthesis.com! (a.k.a. today’s the day I submit my Ed.D. thesis…)
2 What did we learn during a ‘semester of learning’ on #openbadges over at P2PU.org?
1 My Belbin results – Part 2
29 Responding to some criticisms about ‘badges’ for lifelong learning
28 7 upcoming events about which I’m super-excited.
27 ‘Badges’ for Lifelong Learning: Reframing the Debate (#openbadges, #dmlbadges)
22 My Belbin results – Part 1
14 Change MOOC – #change11
8 Commoditising learning through the #flippedclassroom (or, the difference between education and training)
7 Launch of the Mobile Learning infoKit
3 #openbadges – Learner Stories
30 What do Google, Open Source Software and Digital Literacies have in Common?
26 Doug’s Daily Planner (v1)
22 Anarchy in the UK? The reasons behind the breakdown of social order.
19 A quick rundown of what I’m up to until Christmas.
17 We need to open our eyes to systemic injustice.
15 Has England lost its rhythm?
13 JOIN US! A semester of learning about Open Badges and assessment.
11 The real story behind the #londonriots?
10 Help me kick the tyres at semestersoflearning.org!
7 Semester of Learning: Open Badges and assessment
31 A brand-new campaign for Purpos/ed: #purposedassess
28 On the important difference between ‘elite’ and ‘elitist’.
26 The Setup.
23 What would a post-test era look like for our schools?
17 Jesus as a Social Marker? (or, How to Build a Community)
15 Social Objects and the importance of sharing.
13 Competition and the problem with ‘reality’.
11 What do new Social Networks tell us about Digital Literacies?
9 Why Google+ is like an extended unboxing video.
5 What I talk about when I talk about user outcomes – #6 – Open Educational Resources
4 Purpos/ed, the #neverendingthesis and productivity [Ed Tech Crew podcast 165]
2 How do you define attendance? [JISC Inform article]
30 Read the first complete draft of my doctoral thesis on digital literacies.
28 Why I’m starting to blog at DMLcentral
24 My new work blog and other RSS goodies.
19 Special Delivery: a letter to my children this Fathers Day.
18 Project Reclaim: backing up to local network storage
14 Giving my visitors some (virtual, P2P) cash.
10 Project Reclaim: or, how I learned to start worrying and love my data.
8 The myth underpinning ’21st Century Skills’ [Future of Education]
6 Introducing ‘User Outcomes Weekly’
4 Pragmatism as a candidate methodology
3 What I Talk About When I Talk About User Outcomes #5 – Productivity vs. Performativity
2 Methodology section: Post-Structuralism
1 “It’s About Time!” Introducing Synechism Ltd.
29 Blog name change
29 Methodology section: Critical Theory
28 Quick overview: iA’s Writer app
23 Schools as resources for fairness. [Future of Education]
22 On the paucity of our collective imagination. [Future of Education]
20 The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies (#digilit)
15 Umbrella terms and micro-literacies
15 How I Use a MacBook Pro (May 2011)
11 The Digital Native/Immigrant dichotomy.
10 How to teach using mobile devices
8 Shift up a gear: work with me from September 2011!
8 New Literacy Studies
2 #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity is NOW FREE!
1 Reflecting on yesterday’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators (#purposedpsi)
29 Epistemic games and situated learning.
26 From my research: New Literacies around the world
26 The USA: a New Literacies desert?
24 What I talk about when I talk about ‘user outcomes’ #4
23 Hog roasts, Amazon EC2 and traffic lights.
22 Digital Media Literacy in Australia
21 How to do battle with Status Quo. And win.
20 5 interesting productivity-related resources I’ve come across recently
19 The future of learning organizations: What do we mean by ‘attendance’?
18 5 free, web-based tools to help you be a kick-ass researcher.
17 Learning taxonomies: why ‘creating’ is not a cognitive skill.
17 New literacies (or the lack of them) in Singapore
15 My favourite quotations from ‘Teaching with the Tools Kids Really Use’
14 10 things educators forget to do after teacher training.
13 e-Learning: Mobile learning, VLEs and Quality [video]
12 I Got 99 Problems But a Workflow Ain’t One.
7 What I talk about when I talk about ‘user outcomes’ #3
6 Exploring Mobile: Considerations and Opportunities
4 Mobile phone ban? #govephonehome
3 ‘Digital literacy’ in Norway?
1 Purpos/ed featured in the TES
30 mobiMOOC: 2 April – 14 May 2011
28 My thesis is your thesis.
25 Bad Trip
22 Revolutionary tools do not a revolution make.
21 My research is your research.
20 Collaboration, perception, and context.
19 Trajectories of ambiguity: my first journal article.
17 Web apps and workflows
17 Digital literacy, e-safety and donating to Japan
16 Is digital literacy ‘in crisis’?
15 What I talk about when I talk about user outcomes (2)
15 Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning
12 Feeding back.
10 What’s the opposite of ‘digital Taylorism’?
9 New Literacies and ‘worked examples’
8 Keith Belshaw’s contribution to the #purposed debate
6 i’m in ur conference startin a revolushunz
5 Feed me! Feed me NOW!
3 Less shiny.
2 Gestures as semiotic domains
1 Why e-safety isn’t part of digital literacy (and never will be).
1 HOWTO: Create a clickable tag cloud using Tagul
27 PRINCE2 for schools (or, why don’t schools have project managers?)
26 The perils of shiny shiny educational technology.
25 Effective learning and the physicality of the classroom.
25 Speaking in Lolcats: What Literacy Means in teh Digital Era
20 Literaci.es: Reflecting on New Literacies
20 Futurelab’s Digital Literacy: professional development resource
17 Digital literacy and the public/private boundary
15 Why everyone should learn a little History and Philosophy.
11 More on the (fragile) nature of reality.
10 #ukedchat TONIGHT about #purposed
10 Digital media literacy in the 2011 Horizon report
8 Social media, backlash and the nature of reality.
3 Productivity via Moleskine notebook indexing.
2 Reflecting on Day 1 of Purpos/ed
1 BOOM! Purpos/ed launches.
27 Why I spent my twenties unlearning my teenage years.
25 One week to go until we launch #purposed!
23 Operationalising digital literacy #1: Wikileaks
21 Educational philosophy, the zeitgeist, and #purposed
20 Nobody knows what digital literacy is.
19 Liminality and spare capacity
17 The Productivity Prompting Box
16 Best of Belshaw
14 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years.
13 Baby Belshaw Top Trumps
11 How I’m organising my digital outputs in 2011
10 Why I’ve re-designated Synechism as CC0
10 10 things I did during Belshaw Black Ops.

17 Belshaw Black Ops.
16 My most ‘engaging’ posts of 2010
14 Creative Ambiguity and Digital Literacy
12 Things I Learned This Week #50
11 Weeknote #30
10 [INCOMING] Personal digital hiatus.
10 Meeting with Ed.D. supervisor: conceptual ecologies, productive concepts, and hypozeugma
8 Models of Learning: #tmoxon presentation
5 Things I Learned This Week – #49
4 Weeknote #30
2 Online Educa Berlin 2010
30 JISC Mobile and Wireless Technologies Review
29 Dell Latitude 2110: a review.
28 Things I Learned This Week – #48
27 JISC Innovating e-Learning 2010 Online Conference – #jiscel10
27 Weeknote #29
23 Blogging: 5 things I’ve learned in 5 years.
22 What I Talk About When I Talk About ‘User Outcomes’: #1 – Douglas Adams, Feng Shui & controlling behaviours.
21 Things I Learned This Week – #47
20 Weeknote #28
18 HOWTO: Roll your own #twebay
17 5 ways Twitter could revolutionize education.
16 You don’t ‘build’ better teachers.
14 Interesting North 2010
13 Things I Learned This Week – #46
13 Weeknote #27
12 The one thing I never want my son to say again.
12 Media Literacy: the biggest enemy of UK ‘digital literacy’ initiatives?
11 User outcomes: bona fides.
11 #amazonfail: a perspective
10 Do you remember the first time?
9 The Mobile Learning Edge: Tools and Technologies for Developing Your Teams [Review]
7 Types of relationship and communities of ‘ought’.
7 Things I Learned This Week – #45
6 Weeknote #26
5 ‘So… what do you do?’ (v2)
5 Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #5
4 The best blog posts I’ve ever written, by category.
3 Things I’m Thinking About
3 Use is not strategy.
1 Major blog redesign.
1 Digging deeper: some considerations for blog design.
31 Why we don’t celebrate Hallowe’en in our house
31 Things I Learned This Week – #44
30 Weeknote #25
29 Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #4
27 A story of three requests.
26 Too many bricks, not enough mortar.
25 Doug on Productivity – Episode 5
24 Things I Learned This Week – #43
23 Weeknote #24
22 Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #3
21 Edtech companies: inspiring or conspiring?
20 mLearn 2010
19 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: restructuring
18 Doug on Productivity – Episode 4
17 Notifo: a notifications inbox
17 Ed.D. thesis restructure
17 Things I Learned This Week – #42
16 Weeknote #23
15 Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #2
12 Got 5 seconds? Help with the redesign of this blog!
11 Doug on Productivity – Episode 3
10 Things I Learned This Week – #41
9 How not to write a thesis.
9 Weeknote #22
8 Glowing first review of #uppingyourgame!
7 My 5 favourite non-fiction books
6 Oxford E-Learning Debate 2010
5 Mr. Men on the opposite of productivity
4 Doug on Productivity – Episode 2
3 Performativity, fetishism & the aristocracy of everyone.
3 Things I Learned This Week – #40
2 Weeknote #21
1 10 Things I Shared This Week – #1
1 #uppingyourgame: finished and now on sale!
30 Things I Learned This Month – September 2010
29 MoLeNET Conference
29 3 reasons teachers should smile
27 Doug on Productivity – Episode 1
26 Things I Learned This Week – #39
25 3 things I’ve learned in my 11 years as a student in Higher Education.
25 Weeknote #20
24 Why parents don’t engage with schools
23 5 things it’s currently fashionable to say (without much evidence)
22 3 things common to most successful people
22 Why I’ve turned off GMail Priority Inbox
22 Scottish Learning Festival 2010
22 What goes into my conference bag?
21 Is now a good time to get an iPad?
20 Creativity: confusing inputs with outputs.
19 Things I Learned This Week – #38
18 Weeknote #19
16 HOWTO: Use Evernote to take notes on books.
15 Pragmatism, dead metaphors & the myth of the echo chamber.
14 How is as important as why.
12 Things I Learned This Week – #37
11 Weeknote #18
11 A response to Donald Clark’s #altc2010 keynote
10 #uppingyourpresentation
9 The 3 most important things I learned at ALT-C 2010
7 5 things I can do with my Kindle that you can’t with your dead-tree books.
6 Free schools: the good, the bad and the ugly.
5 Your anti-ebook rhetoric is like a broken record.
5 Things I Learned This Week – #36
4 Weeknote #17
3 10 reasons I like reading ebooks more than paper books.
2 Greplin: potential solver of a huge problem?
2 Go to conferences? Use Lanyrd.
31 Methodology for Pragmatists
30 UX: 5 valuable resources
29 Things I Learned This Week – #35
28 Weeknote #16
27 Let me tell you what I think ‘this’ is.
27 I sync therefore I am.
26 Embedding a live Twitter search in Keynote 09
23 Innovation, productivity and frames of reference
22 Things I Learned This Week – #34
21 Weeknote #15
20 What’s this?
20 #runningtunes
19 Education Eye: an RSS reader for those who don’t feed-read…
19 10 things I learned from ‘Why Don’t Students Like School?’
16 I am not a person who teaches.
16 5 characteristics of successful organisations
15 Things I Learned This Week – #33
14 Weeknote #14
13 5 reasons to avoid seeing ‘The Expendables’
12 New metaphors and symbols required!
10 Google Apps Marketplace: apps worth installing
9 Productivity: don’t break the chain!
8 Things I Learned This Week – #32
7 Write lots? Buy this.
7 Weeknote #13
5 Why my wife should be happy with her adopted surname.
4 Why I’m not the Wizard of Oz
4 The freeze-thaw method of technology integration.
3 Google Knol: the future of academic journals?
2 Calling myself into the office: August 2010
1 Experience, skill, and user experience.
1 Things I Learned This Week – #31
31 3 ways to influence people.
31 The sublime and the ridiculous.
31 Weeknote #12
29 Google Earth for #GTAUK
27 Google Apps (Education Edition) vs. Microsoft Live@Edu
25 Things I Learned This Week – #30
24 Weeknote #11
22 One week until #GTAUK
22 3 things I need to maintain my productivity.
21 Motivation comes from within.
21 Intention vs. Effect
19 You are what you habitually do.
19 Is it time to get rid of secondary schools?
19 Productivity: value your time
18 The importance of domain knowledge
18 Things I Learned This Week – #29
17 Weeknote #10
16 #onfire: ignite your productivity [free ebook – please RT!]
15 Flying without wings
14 4 solutions to office-based productivity-sappers.
14 Highest common denominator.
12 Recontextualization.
11 Things I Learned This Week – #28
10 Weeknote #9
9 On Minimalism.
8 Academic reading on the Amazon Kindle
7 #GTAUK: Google Earth wiki & ebook
6 A life in my technological day.
5 Calling myself into the office: July 2010
4 Things I Learned This Week – #27
3 Weeknote #8
2 HOWTO: Go Camping (according to my Twitter network)
1 TeachMeet SHP Edition 2010
30 Are we doing young people a disservice?
29 Why do we use technology?
28 5 steps to making other people more productive.
27 Things I Learned This Week – #26
26 Weeknote #7
25 How to design the ultimate presentation.
24 Wabi-sabi, Mono no aware & creative ambiguity
23 Open Educational Resources infoKit
22 Hands-on with the Dell Streak.
21 5 ways Google Calendar is turning into my ultimate productivity system.
20 Things I Learned This Week – #25
19 Weeknote #6
18 Designing for Creative Ambiguity
17 HOWTO: Google Scholar email alerts
16 Moving beyond ’21st century skills’
15 …and 5 reasons why I bought a Dell Streak again.
14 Productivity: choose your friction.
13 Things I Learned This Week – #24
12 Weeknote #5
11 10 reasons I returned my Dell Streak today.
10 Freire, Conscientization & Digital Literacy
9 Apply for Google Teacher Academy UK!
8 (In)decisive Doug, the Dell Streak and iPhone 4.
7 Calling myself into the office: June 2010
6 Things I Learned This Week – #23
5 Weeknote #4
4 The post-Becta, QCDA and GTCE future.
3 Digital literacy: a function of poor design?
2 5 genuinely useful Twitter tools.
1 The future of mobile is open and smart.
31 The 3 biggest productivity-killers.
30 Things I Learned This Week – #22
29 Weeknote #3
28 Shut happens.
27 My bMoble TeachMeet presentation
26 Twitter is not the best CPD you’ve ever received.
25 5 reasons I’m using less and less Open Source stuff.
24 Establishing your productivity ‘endgame’
23 Things I Learned This Week – #21
22 Weeknote #2
21 Battery life: iPhone 3GS vs Google Nexus One vs HTC Desire
20 bMobLe Conference 2010
20 The Hyperlinked Society [Full Review]
19 Wednesday Wisdom #20: Disreputable occupations.
18 Why Open Source should be more like Fairtrade.
17 How to find your ‘productive song’.
16 Things I Learned This Week – #20
15 Weeknote #1
14 Design and the 5 Golden Rules of Technology purchases.
13 What’s the most common type of ambiguity in definitions of ‘digital literacy’?
12 Wednesday Wisdom #19: Be a person of integrity
11 How to use Netvibes as a project management hub.
10 Surviving to thriving: 10 steps to ensure you remain productive after a rough night.
9 Where do you get your ideas for blog posts from?
9 Things I Learned This Week – #19
8 Why we need Proportional Representation [infographic]
7 A short note on syndication
6 Why the European view of ‘digital literacy’ is ambiguous.
5 Wednesday Wisdom #18: Be common in nothing.
4 Google Wave: now with added usefulness.
3 Calling myself into the office: May 2010
2 Things I Learned This Week – #18
1 Innovation: where it’s at.
30 Roadbud: a new iPhone app for runners [Review]
30 TeachMeet North East 2010
29 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: my first journal article.
28 Wednesday Wisdom #17: Prize intensity.
27 3 online tools I’m using to increase my work-related productivity
26 7 things the Bible taught me about productivity.
25 Things I Learned This Week – #17
24 My resumé as a London Underground map.
23 10 things I’ve learned since starting work for JISC
22 Using a Sony Reader PRS-600 to make notes on academic articles.
21 Wednesday Wisdom #16: Thumbscrews
20 The first new media election?
20 Support Northumbria Conference 2010
19 My interview on Productivity for educators
18 Things I Learned This Week – #16
17 Recommended Design-related blogs
16 Best 3 things about my new job?
16 If I were trapped on a Desert Island…
15 Why I bought a Sony Reader ebook reader today.
14 Wednesday Wisdom #15: Credulity
13 JISC Conference 2010
13 Why I’m using iPREDator now the Digital Economy Bill has been passed
12 JISC Conference 2010: Introductory Debate
12 HOWTO: Productively hack your workday.
12 Rationale
11 Things I Learned This Week – #15
10 Leadership by Design.
9 The ultra-paranoid guide to ensuring you’ve got your presentation slides.
8 Why I use Google stuff
8 HOWTO: Set up Google Scholar to do the heavy lifting for you.
7 Wednesday Wisdom #14: Imagination
6 Some reflections on the organization of #BectaX
5 #uppingyourgame v0.5 now available!
4 Things I Learned This Week – #14
3 Education is easy – in theory! [visualization]
2 Music I’m running to at the moment,
1 The end of the beginning.
1 Leaving the circus
31 Wednesday Wisdom #13: Erudition
30 Learning Score, a lesson-planning tool. [Review]
29 How to be overwhelmingly positive (even when you don’t feel like it)
28 Things I Learned This Week – #13
27 #newleaders is #movemeon for… guess who?
26 What I learned about education whilst in the UAE
25 A partial review of ‘The Hyperlinked Society’
24 Wednesday Wisdom #12: Things have their period
23 How to move forward with Open Source: a teacher’s perspective
22 How to ‘chapter’ your life to make it more productive.
21 Things I Learned This Week – #12
20 LastHistory: a great way to generate Last.fm visualizations
19 Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
18 The ambiguity of new literacies [mindmap]
17 Wednesday Wisdom #11: Exaggerated expectations
16 Technology in History teaching: disseminating good practice in Turkey
15 #uppingyourgame v0.4 now available!
14 Things I Learned This Week – #11
13 A brief history of infographics.
12 You’re doing it wrong.
11 Seven types of ambiguity and new literacies
10 Wednesday Wisdom #10: Application and ability
9 HOWTO: Create iTunes audiobooks from MP3s
8 #uppingyourgame: an audio preview
7 Advertising vs. Sponsorship
7 Things I Learned This Week – #10
6 How I put together ‘Things I Learned This Week’ [visualization]
5 Escaping the circus.
4 Ten big questions for education
3 Wednesday Wisdom #9: Life is a warfare against malice.
2 Things I’m interested in talking about at dougbelshaw.com/blog
2 Get that cool Google-style ‘reveal’ effect on your site.
1 Notes from interview about productivity for teachers
1 #getthatjob: now FREE
28 Why did I make #getthajob free?
28 Things I learned this week – #9
27 Exam performance of looked-after children in England [infographic]
26 5 tips for new bloggers
26 My favourite proverbs from around the world.
25 How I organize my Ed.D. thesis
24 Wednesday Wisdom #8: Excellence needs some polish
23 Alternatives to Google
22 #getthatjob: my guide to applying for teaching-related jobs
21 Things I learned this week – #8
20 Blog post popularity as a treemap [infographic]
19 Modern procrastination and cycling trivialities.
18 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: digital literacy & ambiguity
17 Wednesday Wisdom #7: Cultivate relationships
16 iPhone apps I currently use.
15 #uppingyourgame v0.3 now available!
14 Things I learned this week – #7
13 Google Buzz is not a Twitter-killer.
12 Tenori-on, Little Boots and Melodica
11 Some considerations regarding ebook readers for academics.
10 Wednesday Wisdom #6: Avoid the faults of your nation.
9 Some thoughts about online privacy.
8 Finding your ‘well’ of productivity and motivation.
7 Things I learned this week – #6
6 Worldwide car colour popularity [infographic]
5 Towards a fitter Doug.
4 Initial thoughts on Digital Competence/Literacy/Flow
3 Wednesday Wisdom #5: Avoid outshining your superiors
2 A quick way to add a ‘sparkline’ to your blog.
1 #uppingyourgame (v0.2) now ready!
31 Things I learned this week – #5
30 A subtle redesign.
29 Daniel Pink on motivation.
28 Literacy -> Digital Flow: The Autotelic Self
27 Wednesday Wisdom #4: Ruling your impulses
26 Why I no longer wear a watch.
25 A tribute to Dan Meyer.
24 Things I learned this week – #4
23 GCSE results by location/ethnicity [visualization]
22 BumpTop: ‘interesting’ or genuinely useful?
21 Literacy -> Digital Flow: Tetrads & Connectivism.
20 Wednesday Wisdom #3: Arriving at completeness
19 Learning Score
18 #uppingyourgame: an educator’s guide to productivity (v0.1)
17 Things I learned this week – #3
16 My visual resumé [infographic]
15 NOT Friday Fun
14 Literacy -> Digital Flow: digital epistemologies & ontology.
13 Wednesday Wisdom #2: The value of novelty
12 The new blog order.
11 My favourite music of the ‘noughties’.
10 Things I learned this week – #2
9 Off-site and cloud-based backup: my solution.
8 Some Friday fun!
7 Literacy -> Digital Flow: dialectic.
6 Wednesday Wisdom #1: Character and intellect
5 Feedback: why you read this blog.
4 Mac OSX apps I currently use.
3 Things I learned this week – #1
2 Literacy -> Digital Flow: moving beyond Traditional Literacy.
1 Commitments for 2010.

31 Read what I’ve read: 2009 edition.
30 OpenBeta: a publishing model.
29 Why do you read this blog?
28 If I wrote a book, would you buy it?
24 Merry Christmas!
23 #blogsilike
22 Twenty-nine.
21 #movemeon book now available!
21 Google: excellence and diversity?
20 How I deal with email.
19 Hyperlocality and iterating towards 2.0
18 My digital reading workflow.
17 A non-Luddite rebuttal of technology integration?
16 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: the roadmap for 2010.
15 The evolution of communication.
14 The future of my Ed.D. thesis.
13 ‘Information literacy’: its history and problems.
12 #eduhivefive (a suggestion).
11 The history of ‘new literacies’.
10 Best of Belshaw (2009)
9 Beyond Creative Commons: uncopyright.
8 The problem with free stuff.
7 E-safety: the ‘googleability test’ (a suggestion).
6 #twitter365 (2009)
5 The difference between visualizations and infographics.
4 Social media, open standards & curmudgeonliness.
3 On the glorious weirdness of connecting with people online.
2 10 things people like me want for Christmas.
1 My #TMETRU09 presentation: #movemeon & CPD via Twitter
28 Research supporting collaborative, enquiry-based learning.
28 Back to (theme) basics.
27 A useful way to categorise educational technologies.
26 Design the (e-)book cover for #movemeon!
21 Affinity spaces, secondary orality & digital epistemologies.
19 #movemeon – a suggestion.
19 My first infographic competition.
14 Infographics and my future.
5 Learning and growing.
1 12 educational ways of using 12seconds.tv
28 Learning objectives: the importance of trigger verbs
27 Ed.D. Thesis snapshot: towards a bedrock definition of literacy.
27 How I mark students’ books.
25 Got a blog? Do this simple thing to boost your readership.
24 The difference between ‘crowdsourcing’ and being lazy.
24 Why Ewan McIntosh *was* (partly) wrong.
23 Learning objectives: the basics
22 It’s energy that matters, not the hours you put in.
20 How to restore a very large MySQL file without errors.
18 What to do when your ‘get up and go’ has got up and left.
17 On the importance of ‘real-world learning’
14 Where we’re headed with the Academy’s E-Learning ecosystem.
13 Leadership by smiling.
12 3 ways Google Wave could be used in the classroom.
11 A proposal to get more high-quality explanatory videos to learners.
10 Embracing the future: why I’ve ditched MP3s and signed up to Spotify Premium
9 Has WordPress-powered P2 left me ‘more organized and productive’?
8 Who are you and where do you come from?
6 Activity, Passivity and Failure.
5 Sign up for TeachMeet ETRU edition 09!
4 On the important difference between hitchhiking and bandwagon-jumping.
3 Carol Dweck on ‘growth mindsets’ and motivation.
28 Assessment in UK schools: a convenient hypocrisy?
27 How WordPress-powered P2 is (hopefully) going to leave me more organized and productive!
24 E-Learning Strategy Overview (a.k.a. my 3-year plan)
23 My Google Apps Education Edition ‘nano presentation’ at TeachMeetSLF09
21 ‘So… what do you do?’
19 What I learned about leadership from Seth Godin’s ‘Tribes’.
18 elearnr posts now at dougbelshaw.com/blog
15 Leadership by gesture.
12 Heuristical Templates (or, how to review elearning stuff in a way that benefits others)
11 A video introduction to using Google Calendar for timetables and meetings
6 A Week of Divesting: Reflections
5 A Week of Divesting: Blog design
4 A Week of Divesting: Software
3 A Week of Divesting: ‘Analogue Time’
2 A Week of Divesting: Domains [incl. a competition!]
1 A Week of Divesting: Media
31 A Week of Divesting: an introduction
30 Why I’m trying to make myself redundant.
29 Join us for EdTechRoundUp 2009/10!
28 Director of E-Learning: Doug Belshaw
26 A Tale of Two Guest Houses (or, what are you offering your students this academic year?)
24 Quit whinging and ‘use the difficulty’!
19 Why digital literacy != the ‘aftermath’ of literacy
16 A (temporary) farewell to a hero.
13 The story behind the new design of dougbelshaw.com
9 My ‘Edonis’ interview with David Noble
8 HOWTO: Tether an iPhone to a netbook running Jolicloud
8 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: ‘aspirational naming,’ hegemonic power and finishing early?
7 Jolicloud: my first impressions of the ‘cool new [social] OS for your netbook’
4 The 8 C’s of digital literacy
1 Which is the best netbook operating system?
1 Watch my Ed.D. thesis grow in real-time…
24 Using Joe’s Goals to track and then improve your productive outputs.
23 The importance of heuristics in educational technology and elearning.
21 How to SPIN your way to giving more constructive negative feedback.
17 The Big Move
15 HOWTO: Present using Cooliris (advanced)
13 Surviving the matrix: 5 common leadership pitfalls and how to avoid them.
12 Leadership Day roundup
10 Four ways to make your organization live long and prosper.
9 Be more productive: take ‘caffeine naps’.
9 Pure gold nuggets from Shirky
7 HOWTO: Present using Cooliris (the basics…)
3 Raising achievement in History at KS4 using e-learning
2 How to Lead: Being Professional
2 How to Lead: Being Positive
1 Daniel Goleman on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
30 How to Lead: Focusing on People
26 Thinking of changing this blog…
26 Four ways to understand organizational change
25 Are organizations like brains?
23 Open Source Schools – Open Source Software: an overview
23 Acceptable Use Agreements, Definitions & Digital Guidelines
19 Acceptable Use Policy – feedback required!
19 What I learned at TeachMeet North East 09
18 Lord Bilimoria on leadership.
18 Gill Rider on leadership.
18 Colin Day on leadership.
18 David Brandon on leadership.
15 The future of education? My visit to RM’s REAL Centre
11 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: the confusion around ‘digital literacy’.
7 Why governmental educational reforms fail.
3 How to promote organizational innovation.
2 One step ahead of the storm.
29 Like words in a letter sent, amplified by the distance.
27 The 3 key elements of productivity.
20 Stepping out of the stream.
17 Digital Literacy and the ‘Digital Society’
15 My presentation @ TeachMeet Midlands 2009
13 Why (educational) technology?
7 Everything that’s wrong with educational management, summed up in 3 Dilbert cartoons.
5 Schools and the Procrustean Bed: are we really ‘personalising’ learning?
30 What are the ‘functional specifications’ of a VLE that drive real learning?
28 Looking to the future of education: learning spaces and mobile devices
27 HOWTO: Make yourself more visible online by building a Google Profile
13 Telling a new story.
12 Ignore everybody.
8 Ed.D. thesis Literature Review: a start has been made!
8 Conversations about (new) literacies
2 The Big E-Learning Questions
31 How ‘microblogging’ sites such as Twitter can be used in education
27 How E-Learning can contribute to raising achievement
21 HOWTO: Present full-screen using Prezi and an Apple Remote [OSX]
19 Flow and the Autotelic Classroom
11 The six month slap-in-the-face for UK teachers
9 Podcasting: a 3-step guide
3 Alternative ways of presenting content and information to pupils
28 “You can tell a lot about someone from what they’re like.”
24 The evolution of EdTechRoundUp
23 Ways to find great resources and ideas for lessons
21 Quasi-motivational posters
20 Under-promise and Over-deliver: the language of productivity.
18 Open Source Schools curriculum meeting
17 Why ‘digital literacy’ is central to 21st century education.
15 Digital things upon which I *do* and *would* spend real cash.
9 Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: the way ahead
8 The Problem with Promotion
6 Dilbert on ‘learner voice’
6 Podcasting: Step 3 – Converting and uploading your podcast ready for the masses!
4 Interesting ways to use Twitter in the classroom
1 My Ed.D. thesis concept map on ‘Digital Literacy’
1 New music section at dougbelshaw.com
1 ‘Following’ me on Twitter? These people are!
27 HOWTO: Add an RSS feed to Google Sites
26 ‘Flow’ and the waste of free time
25 Podcasting: Step 2 – Recording and editing your podcast
25 My Computing History
19 Hannon: ‘Reflecting on Literacy in Education’
19 Podcasting: Step 1 – RSS and setting up a teacher blog
18 Safeguarding: the next step in the transition to Web 3.0?
17 BETT 2009, TeachMeet & and iPhone misfortunes
15 What if….?
14 BETT 2009 and EdTechRoundup
13 The Third Conversation
12 Gunther Kress on Literacy
5 The problem(s) of 21st century literacy/ies
4 7 Things You May Not Know About Me

31 Top 25: The Best of Belshaw 2008
24 Merry Christmas!
22 I’m 28, I’m not *old*…
21 My response to the GTC’s proposed ‘code of conduct’ for teachers in England.
17 Productivity: the problem for me, summed up in two images.
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3 Beyond boring Powerpoint presentations.
2 The very best of teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk
29 Interesting Ways to use Netbooks in the Classroom
28 Finally! a video that explains what I’m aiming for as a teacher.
26 How to use Google Earth more effectively.
23 Functionally and aesthetically-speaking: Asus Eee 1000 vs. Advent 4211
19 Glogs – create interactive and rich media web pages quickly and easily!
17 Forms of Literacy
12 First photos with my new Canon 1000D digital SLR
10 ‘Literacy’
10 Take your computer with you with PortableApps!
5 The Vortex of Uncompetence
5 Getting to grips with the school email system
3 More on Teaching as a Subversive Activity
29 Living offline
22 Using del.icio.us to synchronise bookmarks & find new, exciting stuff
21 What does it take to build a community?
20 3 ways to prevent being ‘unfollowed’ on Twitter
19 Digital Permanence: Death & Data
15 Why we should adopt the OA5 system in education
13 Give your students a voice with VoiceThread
11 My Ed.D. thesis: introduction and a ?
7 How to create engaging video starters without any creative talent using Animoto
5 What to do when you can’t be RSSed…
4 Digital Literacy, Pragmatism and the Social Construction of Reality
1 Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.
30 Politics: the biggest problem in education
28 Teacher as Game Show Host?
27 Good teaching is good teaching.
26 Never lose a document again: how Google Docs can change the way you and your department work!
26 Doug’s first world tour!
25 Blue Skies Thinking vs. Grey Skies Thinking
24 4 reasons you should jailbreak your iPhone 3G
22 Creating a homework blog in 3 simple steps using email
16 I’ll tell you this for free…
16 Librarian blogs and social networks
15 Good ideas, sheep and wolves.
13 How to find and download YouTube videos for use in the classroom
9 Dilbert on ‘best practice’
9 Some questions about teaching
8 10 ways to use your interactive whiteboard more effectively
6 10 ways to make your working day more productive
2 My way or the highway.
28 Class spreadsheet for teachers
26 How to use your interactive whiteboard more effectively
25 Why as an educator you should care about Open Source Software
21 5 ways my teaching will change because of today’s GCSE results.
21 Posterous
20 90% digital, or 12 ways my teaching ecosystem is evolving.
18 Buddha knows best, or why ‘digital literacy’ is so hard to pin down.
18 elearnr – new blog for a new role!
17 Twitter Fantasy Football
6 The feature that will make Posterous better than Edublogs is…
3 4 quotations that will guide me next academic year
1 3 reasons I returned my iPhone 3G
29 My life in the next couple of weeks…
27 edte.ch barnraising: get involved in forming a community!
22 My new Digital Literacies codex
17 Synaesthesia, migraines and creativity
16 Help me fill in the gaps.
14 5 productivity tips/hacks I’ve come across recently.
13 Knowledge vs Experience
12 ‘In The Night Garden’ as a communist utopia
12 I am Spart-arthus!
11 I need YOUR help with the future of edte.ch
9 The Never-ending (Gadget) Story… the Advent 4211
6 Skype Captain and the World of Tomorrow
5 An invitation to a conversation…
30 Social Fabric
28 Doug lives in rural isolation thanks to the Internet
23 I want educational technology to be boring.
19 2 Amazing Firefox plugins: Stylish & Feedly
17 Censorship and the Personal/Professional divide
16 Introducing TweetMeet
14 The stream becomes a trickle…
11 “Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore!” (or, How to get started in the Edublogosphere…)
9 Posts imported from edte.ch
8 I’m a published author!
7 Gym’ll Fix It!
3 Help me write my job spec. for next year!
2 AUP 2.0
30 Are you an ‘Edupunk’? I’m not.
30 Porn in every school? or Why filtering will soon be irrelevant.
28 I’ve sold my Asus Eee 4G. What now?
27 Into the Wild world of Hitler and Attachment Theory.
27 The most amazing thing you’ll see on the Internet this year!
26 Serendipity, living in an echo chamber, and Learning to Change.
24 Some web-hosting advice, please…
23 How I got started… and the difference it’s made.
21 EdTechRoundup 5 – group discussion on VLEs and GLOW
18 What is a VLE?
17 My Ed.D. thesis proposal: What does it mean to be ‘digitally literate’?
15 dougbelshaw.com redesign
13 Creating an Interactive Whiteboard using a Nintendo WiiMote
12 That’s my boy!
11 Mobile-phone based interactive whiteboards using WiiMotes?
10 History KS3 Programme of Study for QCA 2008 orders
9 Are you Alice, Dilbert, or the Boss?
7 Towards a forward-thinking Acceptable Use Policy for mobile devices
5 EdTechRoundup 4 featuring, erm, me again…
5 Holiday in North Yorkshire
30 Questions about the future of education
29 (Almost) everything you need to know about the 14-19 changes
29 The Working Classes
28 I’m going to miss this…
28 We have a winner!
27 What is ‘digital literacy’? It’s certainly not this…
23 Animoto now free for educators
23 Meme machine
22 Is a degree enough?
21 Competition: win a Macvatar Macbook skin!
17 Educational Technology Integration Matrix
16 10 ‘Home Truths’ about Schooling and Education
12 On having a space to myself
12 Things I’ve been reading online recently
10 A cluttered desk is a sign of genius.
10 The saddest picture in the world…
9 I’ve started using Twitter with my pupils…
7 Use Your Head.
5 Seminal blog posts
1 April Fools Day, Google-style…
31 Wixi: a bizarre yet useful free file-sharing / web-desktop hybrid
28 Is Twitter bad for you?
28 The Map Is Not The Territory: the changing face of the edublogosphere
27 Timelines.tv points the way to the future of learning History
27 New Asus eee user? Read this!
25 A DVD-ripping guide for educators: Part 2
24 Eee-aye, eee-aye, eee-aye… oh.
24 A DVD-ripping guide for educators: Part 1
23 EdTechRoundup 3 featuring Yours Truly
22 A win at last!
21 AppleTV? Pah!
20 Recommend me 3
17 We’ve sold!
13 Google Apps proposal
13 Better off because of Budget?
11 Is handwriting dead?
8 Sync any type of video (DivX, Xvid, etc.) with an AppleTV
5 4 blogs that enhance my productivity
2 edte.ch Monthly Roundup (February 2008)
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1 15 days of Google answers
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26 (Google) Talk to me!
26 Classroom organization and its relation to pedagogy
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17 Ken Robinson on creativity v2
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13 Be notified of follow-up comments
13 Why ‘high culture’ for pupils is highly wrong-headed
12 3 strikes and then out for UK ‘illegal’ downloaders?
12 Benjamin Belshaw’s 1st Year
11 Hacking an AppleTV v1.1
9 How to turn your Nokia phone into a wireless hotspot
6 Using Google mobile apps in schools
4 EdTechRoundup: Episode 2
4 Animoto rocks! Here’s proof…
2 WordPress customization
2 Asus unveil new Eee PC’s
2 3 reasons the majority of students are NOT ‘digitally literate’
31 Context is everything
31 Schools SHOULD be small!
30 House up for sale
27 Pimp your 5g iPod Video to look like an iPod Touch
27 5 things School of Rock can teach us about real education
26 Page Peel Script
25 Google Apps in China? A response for EdTechRoundup
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17 RM Asus Minibook
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16 Mac OSX: changing spots back to stripes
15 Emotional truancy
13 New header image
13 Why schools should exclusively use free software
12 Reflections on BETT 2008
11 edte.ch @ BETT 2008
11 I don’t like paper
11 BETT 2008
10 My Seminar at BETT
9 Hi, my name’s Doug Belshaw…
9 Mobile phone projectors? Now we’re talking…
8 Paul Stamatiou: the most productive person I (virtually) know
2 Ed.D. Thesis Proposal (almost there!)
1 How to upgrade your Nokia N95 to v12.x firmware and make it a whole lot better

31 Read what I’ve read: my books of 2007
28 ‘I Am Legend’ has it all
28 No place for ‘gadgets’ in the classroom?
19 Lost my contacts
16 Ed.D. blog moves home
15 Paradigms within research methodology
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12 Facebook in the future?
9 More on Research Methodologies
8 Research Methodologies
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27 Zoho writer now available in offline mode
23 Birmingham Leading Edge INSET
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15 Busy, busy, busy…
13 Sub-$200 PC… and not the OLPC project!
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7 RFID in school uniforms
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27 Numeracy improvements thanks to the good doctor
27 How educational technology should change
26 Becta warns UK schools off Microsoft
24 New layout and theme at edte.ch
24 Phew! So it’s not ADHD…
9 Linux on all computers in Russian schools by 2009
6 PVR comparison and roundup
3 The Online Office space hots up
2 In these we trust: 5 basic edtech tools every teacher should have in their toolbox
30 Ben crawling!
30 Now THIS irritates me…
29 A day in the library at the University of Durham
28 Wikispaces now has widgets
26 Google Docs made simple
25 Amazon MP3 launches, not for UK
18 Google Presentations now live!
15 OLPC laptops about pedagogy, not price
13 Freebase, oSkope visual search and our relationship to knowledge
9 Hannah’s new car
8 Moodle the most popular VLE?
8 Argument for thesis proposal
6 Howto: host multiple websites using one web hosting account
5 Google wikis soon?
31 New edte.ch logo
31 Google Warehouse Model Viewer
30 Zoho Creator – web forms made easy!
29 Did You Know? 2.0 UK version – it exists!
28 Google Phone
28 SMART Notebook interactive viewer
27 IT managers should not dictate pedagogy
26 Information Literacy
25 Freebase: a useful companion to Wikipedia
25 Did You Know? 2.0 – UK version?
25 To-do v2
23 Yahoo! Teachers social network
22 Two new Google Earth features
22 Twitter even closer to the perfect professional development tool
21 Zoho Writer becomes more useful for students
20 The cinema? Pah!
20 Change of supervisor
16 Ilana Snyder
14 Never again…
13 Back on the thesis proposal trail…
11 Unexpected problems
10 Business as usual – well, not quite…
10 Expect some downtime
10 Perfect Promos
6 8 Random Facts Meme
5 Laura & Sean’s wedding
2 Zonbu now available
2 CommentPress
31 e-learning 2.0: All You Need To Know
31 Great Ideas
31 Demotivational posters
31 Using Google tools for student projects
30 Deki: Wiki 3.0?
28 HOWTO: Nintendo DS & Orange Livebox
28 Comments now working again…
27 3D searching with SpaceTime
27 EdTechTalk
25 Digital students
25 Live Ink: an example of the benefits of digital text
25 Definitions of digital literacy’ from the book of the same name by Paul Gilster
24 Meeting with Ed.D. supervisor – 24 July 2007
23 $100 laptop nears production
22 National Christian Football Festival 2007
20 My favourite lolcats
20 Google Docs keeps getting better…
20 Edit and merge PDFs for free
19 Soundsnap: podcast-safe and free!
19 How to get a GPS fix quicker on the Nokia N95
19 NESTA ‘Hidden Innovation’ report
15 The problems with Human Rights legislation
13 Gelato: WordPress for tumblelogs?
11 Virtual Desktops: an update
11 Twitter Screensaver
8 Picasa Mobile
3 Feedburner Pro now free
3 TwitterGram
2 Great annotated Web 2.0 links
30 Sausage Roll
28 Heavens open, schools shut
27 Free and Open Source educational Mac software
27 Google Docs update
26 Apple iPhone vs Nokia N95
26 OpenSUSE to compete with Edubuntu
25 Facebook vs. MySpace
25 Death by Powerpoint
24 Web 2.0 Backpack
20 HOWTO: fix your Xbox after messing about with the EEPROM
20 Ed.D. thesis proposal failure
17 YouTube Remixer
17 Getting GPS working for Nokia Sports Tracker on the N95
17 Visit to London village
15 Google Powerpoint support
15 RSS Toolbox
15 Minor update to blog design
13 How NOT to upgrade your Xbox
13 GMail for universities
13 Google Custom Search updated
7 The end of power cables?
7 Pageflakes Student Edition
4 Philosophy
2 Podcast directory
30 Nokia N95 tips, reviews and software all in one place
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30 Google Street View
28 My first GPS-tracked run
26 The 3 quotations I live by
26 Zonbu: the linux-based school computer of the future?
26 coRank: make your own edtech Digg clone
26 Google Calendar now mobile
21 Coursework 2.0
16 Nokia N95: the solution to problems I didn’t even know I had…
6 MindMeister
3 Virtual Desktops: really useful when teaching!
1 Book review: Wittgenstein’s Poker
30 Mojiti
29 Ben in his bouncer (video)
26 WordPress Theme Generator
26 More photos of Ben
26 iQuiz: learning games on an iPod
22 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
22 Offline Wikipedia
22 Ed.D. thesis proposal bibliography
22 Ed.D. thesis proposal finished!
21 Lenovo 3000 N100 and Windows Vista
21 Google Spreadsheets now with chart capabilities
17 21Classes
15 HOWTO: Collaborate Online
12 Pay Attention: your students are Digital
12 RoboBraille
12 Geekifying my run
2 Thesis proposal mindmap
2 References to follow up – 2/3 April 2007
29 Office 2.0 Database
28 CommentPress
28 TeacherTube
22 Tumblr – a great way to get your students (and colleagues?) blogging!
20 Schoolr: useful search engine
18 Happy Mother’s Day Hannah!
18 WordPress Plugin Repository v2
17 Jersey job and the return of the Mac
10 Picasa Web Albums vs. Flickr
7 The Curse of Our Society
7 Scribd: YouTube for documents
6 Technology in exams?
5 Return of the Mac
3 Ralph Wiggum: boy genius
2 Introductory quotation
2 Another definition of literacy
2 References to follow up – 3/3/07
1 21st Century Literacy
28 Firefox Extension: Tab Groups
27 Voice chat for Second Life
27 xFruits – the Swiss Army knife for RSS feeds
17 Steve Jobs outlines his vision of a textbook-free future
17 More people reading my teaching blog than I thought…
16 Writing tips from George Orwell
16 1 million OLPC laptops already on order!
15 Intelligence vs. Wisdom
14 Macbook vs. my new laptop? No contest…
14 The BBC are Twittering
14 Sidekiq: all your search belong to us
12 Macbook woes
11 My (finely crafted) information environment
7 GMail now available to everyone!
5 Picnick: photo editing on the web
5 Photoshopped animals
1 PSPs as learning tools
31 DVD Flick – burn any video file to DVD!
28 Ed.D. Thesis Proposal, v2
28 Open Word documents through Google Docs in GMail
27 Google Book Search now includes Google Maps
26 The Half-Life of Knowledge and Structural Reform of the Education Sector for the Global Knowledge-Based Economy
26 Run Doug run
25 OpenDNS
25 bubbl.us
25 Easy conditional formatting in Excel
24 Hannah and Ben back home
23 BBC plans online children’s world
23 Flickr slideshow of Benjamin Daniel Jonathan Belshaw
23 WordPress 2.1 “Ella” released
21 RSS feeds = homework?
21 Human-computer interfaces of the future
21 Kinaesthetic Data
21 Pre-release review of the LG Shine (KE970)
20 The threat of mobile technology
20 References from ‘Breaking Down the Digital Walls’
19 Edublogosphere survey results
19 Learnscaping
19 Is Podcasting the new Powerpoint?
19 How computer games help children learn
19 EDUCAUSE articles
19 Stacks of Books vs. a Search-Engine Culture
19 Too much technology in the classroom?
19 Top Firefox 2 extensions for educators?
18 Wikiseek
17 Articles on technology and the future of education
13 References from ‘Schools and the Changing World’
13 References from ‘Reclaiming Knowledge’
12 Systematicity
6 References to follow up from today’s reading
5 References from ‘Knowing Knowledge’
5 Open Thinking & Alec Couros’ PhD dissertation
5 Expanded thesis proposal outline
3 Knowledge Jolt with Jack
3 Resources r.e. Dan Pink & ‘A Whole New Mind’
3 Knowledge Management & Networks
3 Links to training sites/blogs from Jim Belshaw

31 Ed.D. Thesis Proposal Outline (expanded)
27 Some ideas about the structure of my thesis proposal essay
27 What does literacy look like in the 21st century?
27 21st Century Skills: not just about ICT
27 The Pressure for Knowledge to Change
26 Property, 21st Century Knowledge, and Creative Commons
26 Connectivism
26 Groups vs. Networks
26 Knowledge Management in Education
9 Email to Gareth Mills (QCA)
8 The purpose of education? It isn’t this…
5 Where do educational ideas originate? A digital paper trail…
2 Findings from the Teaching, Learning, and Computing Survey: Is Larry Cuban Right?
21 Barriers to teachers’ use of ICT
20 The Community as the Text
20 Managing Organizational Change – diagram
4 Chris Sessums – ICT and the ‘locus of control’
4 Papert on Why School Reform is Impossible
23 Ed.D. Thesis Proposal Outline
23 The difference between groups and networks
23 Some great quotations about education in the 21st century (and in general)
17 Learning Teacher Network – 10 recommendations for the future of teaching
18 Research Methods & Interactive Whiteboards
14 Tentative area for thesis