Things I Learned This Week – #23

I’ve learned this week that there’s a sweet spot between gut instinct and meticulous research when it comes to most things, especially gadget-buying. I’ve also learned that cous cous is a viable lunch option. :-p Tech. Lifehacker reports that scientists have confirmed that your anxiety levels are raised when someone’s phone goes off who […]

Things I Learned This Week – #22

I learned so much from attending the Thinking Digital conference for 2.5 days this week that I’ll have enough for several blog posts when I eventually go through my notes! What’s below is what I learned apart from those times that I was in the magnificent Sage in Gateshead. Tech. I haven’t got one […]

Things I Learned This Week – #21

I learned lots and had a great time at the bMoble Conference in Bradford on Thursday. Shame I didn’t get home until 1.30am the next morning due to trains being massively delayed at every connection! My 7-minute micropresentation went down very well at the associated TeachMeet, presenting using the Lessig method. I’m going to try […]

Things I Learned This Week – #16

On a personal note, I learned just how delicate the balance is that keeps our world ‘normal’ (think volcanic ash cloud) and that the gadgets which provide the most satisfaction are those where you identify a problem, research solutions, and then make your purchase. :-p (65 bookmarks) Tech. I found this presentation about perceptions of the […]

Learning Score, a lesson-planning tool. [Review]

Full disclosure: after mentioning Learning Score in a previous post (and raving about its potential) I was kindly given a free copy of the latest version, courtesy of John Davitt and Tribal. This was done on a no-strings-attached basis and does not influence the positive or negative points I make below. Introduction Lesson planning is […]

Seven types of ambiguity and new literacies

Some people talk of ‘learning styles’ but I think that, really, we use each main type of style (kinaesthetic, visual, aural) depending on what it is we’re learning. In fact, as a teacher, I’ve observed this in the classroom. Those (high-flyers) who have the groundwork understanding to quickly assimilate concepts need merely aural input to […]

How I put together ‘Things I Learned This Week’ [visualization]

Last week, Mark Warner asked how I put together my Things I Learned This Week posts every Sunday. It’s a week-long process, really, and one that benefits both author and reader. You get links that you may have missed, whilst it motivates me to read more than I would otherwise (and to bookmark and reflect […]