Go to conferences? Use Lanyrd.

Introduction Before entering the realm with JISC infoNet, I really didn’t understand why there were so many conferences in Further and Higher Education . Now I understand: The whole academic system is predicated upon papers, which need to be presented somewhere. Lots of (usually JISC-funded) projects have to disseminate their outputs. Some subject disciplines/specialisms can […]

Is it time to get rid of secondary schools?

One of the really interesting things that’s coming out of research I’m doing at the moment is just how increasingly irrelevant secondary schools really to the lives of young people. There’s loads of great stuff going on in Primary schools. Really innovative, pedagogically-sound stuff. There’s also awesome things happening in Further and Higher Education. I […]

Things I Learned This Week – #24

This week I learned that not being contactable is actually quite nice sometimes, to always back up the contacts on my SIM card, and too much stuff to list here from ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever. http://delicious.com/dajbelshaw/TILTW24 Tech. Confused/annoyed with Apple’s recent decisions (e.g. about Flash)? Aza Raskin’s recent post about the history […]