Weeknote #24

This week I have been mostly.. In Malta I spent Tuesday until midnight last night travelling to and from, and attending, mLearn 2010. One of the largest mobile-related conferences in the world, mLearn was not only held in a great location, but attracted some top names. Of course, there was the usual conference idiosyncrasies, but […]

Things I Learned This Week – #42

I’m just going to place a slightly NSFW warning at the top of these posts every week now. Makes life easier. Offline this week I learned that it pays to have (certain aspects of) your mid-life crisis early, the power of actuallyĀ writingĀ rather than typing, and how to ‘take afternoon tea’ like a gentleman. Kind of. […]

5 things it’s currently fashionable to say (without much evidence)

1. iPhones The thing about the iPhone is that it’s not a very good phone. Really? In what sense? 2. Self-organised Learning Teachers just need to get out of kids’ way – they know how to organise their learning. I’m not sure they do, actually. I agree education needs to change, but let’s not throw […]