Epistemic games and situated learning.

In the last chapter of my hopefully-soon-to-be-complete Ed.D. thesis I’m applying a model of digital literacy to games-based learning in an attempt to see if there’s scope for a ‘digital games literacy’. One of the leading lights in this field is the Australian academic James Paul Gee who, thankfully, writes in an extremely incisive and […]

Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning

I’m presenting with JISC Digital Media today as part of a session at the JISC Conference 2011 entitled Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning. My part of our presentation is below: Using Digital Media to Improve Teaching and Learning View more presentations from Doug Belshaw. It’s my job to provide the introductory landscape […]

Effective learning and the physicality of the classroom.

Like many teenagers not-yet-able to drive my main mode of transport before the age of 17 was my trusty mountain bike. As soon as I had the use of my mother’s car, however, the bike stayed in the garage and the tyres stopped being topped-up with air. McDonald’s Drive-Thru’s was in! Cycling to a friend’s […]

JISC Mobile and Wireless Technologies Review

If you’re reading this via email, RSS or a non Flash-enabled device the embedded media probably won’t work. My presentation is on Slideshare and the mobile review is accessible at http://mobilereview.jiscpress.org. Alternatively click here to view this post on the blog. Since starting at JISC infoNet in April 2010 I’ve worked on a OER infoKit […]