Yesterday I emailed some people who I thought would be interested in the Mozilla Festival. But then I realised, pretty much everyone who reads my blog would be (or should be!) interested in it. Seeking Educators Who Get the Web: Let’s work together at MozFest! If you’re an educator, instructor or student working at the […]

TeachMeet Mozilla Webmaker edition

TeachMeet Mozilla Webmaker Edition: 6 October 2012

Next Saturday I’m organising an event down at the Mozilla London office with some teachers, educators and parents interested in sharing what they’re up to. You should join us if you can. There’s no need to be a web ninja. If you’re at all interested in educational technology and how the web can be used […]

Announcing TeachMeet Mozilla Webmaker Edition 2012 [EVENT]

I’m organising a TeachMeet in the Mozilla London Office’s co-working space between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday 6th October 2012. >>> Click here for more details <<< The hashtag is #TMmozLDN12 and the shortened URL is http://bit.ly/TMmozLDN12 It would be great if you could share it with your networks – or better yet, come yourself!

Join me at #MozParty Newcastle on 21st July 2012! [EVENT]

The Mozilla Foundation launched a Summer Code Party this weekend with events happening around the world over the next couple of months. These events can be hosted by anyone and are about introducing (young) people to the building blocks of the Web. I’m delighted to be hosting a ‘kitchen table’ event for up to 40 […]

Innovation in education: what I’ll be talking about at the Guardian event today. (#IIE2011)

I’m in London today at the Guardian Innovation in Education event (hashtag #IIE2011). Not only will it be the first time I’ve been on a keynote panel but I’ll also be chairing a session for the first time. Happy days. The following are those currently listed as joining me on the keynote panel (which has […]

Reflecting on yesterday’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators (#purposedpsi)

If you take away my wedding day, the birth of my two children and that time in 1998 when my football team beat local rivals to win 4-0 in the cup final replay, yesterday was one of the best days of my life. Why? It marked a turning point, really. Up until my 30th year, […]