Is Michael Gove systematically dismantling English state education?

Is Michael Gove systematically dismantling state education in England? I’m not sure. To believe so presumes competence, intention and strategy on his part. Most of what I observe is an ill-informed sociopath flapping about at seemingly-random educational targets. See what you think by looking at these BBC News stories since the beginning of the calendar […]

Education: sometimes it’s not complex (a reply to Nick Dennis).

This is a longer post than usual. You may want to add it to your Pocket, Readability or Instapaper account? In a way I don’t really want to write this post. Over the last few months my good friend Nick Dennis and I have been debating the merits and otherwise of independent schools. I made […]

Lesson plans, social bookmarking and the purpose of education: a response to the latest Hack Education podcast

I was fortunate enough to meet the amazing Audrey Watters and Steve Hargadon when I was over in San Francisco earlier this year. The authenticity of the ‘Irish’ pub in which we met was questionable, but their commitment to furthering education certainly isn’t! Steve and Audrey have a weekly podcast in which they reflect on […]

Some clarification of my position on private schools.

After mentioning in today’s newsletter that I was getting more militant in my opposition to private schools, I received some pushback and a request for me to explain my position. I don’t like people paying for their children’s education. I don’t like people having to pay for their own education. I don’t like school league […]

Some thoughts on the Department for Education’s consultation on ‘Parental Internet Controls’.

If you’re in England and a parent, guardian and/or educator you should be responding to the Department for Education’s consultation on Parental Internet Controls. The assumptions behind it are quite staggering. It would appear that the government believes that the best way of ‘protecting’ young people is to shield them from ever accessing ‘inappropriate’ material […]

Why the knowledge vs. skills debate in education is wrong-headed.

Back when I was a lowly trainee teacher I engaged in a debate with someone high up in the local authority after a training session. They were arguing that ‘skills’ are all we need to teach young people. I argued (as a History teacher) that they didn’t know what they were talking about. Now, however, […]