#TEDxWarwick: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Update: the video of my talk is now available! TEDx Warwick: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies View more presentations from Doug Belshaw As this post goes live I’ll be delivering my talk at TEDx Warwick. <gulp!> I wanted to take the opportunity to point towards the stuff that I didn’t managed to cram into […]

The story behind 3 presentations: #cetis12, #dml2012 and #TEDxWarwick

Update: slides and audio for #cetis12 presentation now available! Apologies for the relative drought here over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been working hard on some presentations that I think you’ll want to see. You know what? I’ve been at JISC infoNet almost two years now but something I’m still getting to grips with […]

Why the REMIX is at the heart of digital literacies

  Since completing my doctoral thesis on digital and new literacies, I’ve been thinking a lot about how educators can use my work in a practical way. In Chapter 9 of my thesis I come up with eight ‘essential elements’ of digital literacies, abstracted from the literature. I’ve presented these in various forms, my most […]

Announcing my new e-book: ‘The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies’ (#digilit)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve decided to start writing another e-book. I want to communicate what I’ve learned during my doctoral studies in a way free from academic constraints. I want to empower educators. The e-book is going to be called The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies and I shall be employing the OpenBeta […]

Radio EDUtalk and #LWF12

Update: added audio from Radio EDUtalk session I’m very much looking forward to a couple of speaking engagements coming up over the next couple of weeks. Happily, they’re both free. Radio EDUtalk Tonight (Wednesday 18th January 2012, 8pm) I’m spending some time with Scottish educators David Noble and John Johnston and their new Radio EDUtalk […]

Video of my Hybrid Days presentation about digital literacies now available!

After a few technical problems I managed to present to the Hybrid Days conference last night. You can catch up by watching the (slightly out-of-sync) video below. More about the conference and links to my slides can be in my previous post: Watch live streaming video from hybriddays at livestream.com If the video from Livestream […]

Come and ask me questions LIVE at my Hybrid Days presentation on digital literacies.

I was delighted to be approached a few months ago to be part of the Hybrid Days conference that’s been going on recently. This video gives a useful overview: What is Hybrid Days? from Hybrid Days on Vimeo. My presentation is entitled How to Develop Digital Literacies in Yourself and Others and I’ll be delivering […]