What I Learned at #MobilityShifts last week in NYC.

I spent last week in New York at the Mobility Shifts conference. No, I wasn’t there on JISC business; I took some annual leave and got there thanks to the generosity of Scott McLeod, Director of CASTLE. In return, Scott gets my undying gratitude and the following blog posts: Introducing Doug Belshaw, blogging at #MobilityShifts […]

Blogging: 5 things I’ve learned in 5 years.

I realised at the weekend that it’s been about 5 years since I started blogging properly, having got into my groove sometime in November 2005. Back then, as a classroom teacher, I wrote at teaching.mrbelshaw.co.uk about education and educational technology. What got me started was reading and commenting on the high-quality blogs of a small […]

How I put together ‘Things I Learned This Week’ [visualization]

Last week, Mark Warner asked how I put together my Things I Learned This Week posts every Sunday. It’s a week-long process, really, and one that benefits both author and reader. You get links that you may have missed, whilst it motivates me to read more than I would otherwise (and to bookmark and reflect […]

The new blog order.

(image CC BY-NC┬áJeremy Brooks) So here’s the plan. To make blogging every day sustainable, I need a system. Here’s what I’m thinking: Monday Motivation – hints, ideas and tips about productivity, motivational quotes and the like. Tuesday Tech. – an update on edtech stuff and related musings. Wednesday Wisdom – a mashup of Creative Commons-licensed […]