New blog theme: Metro

Blog redesign: October 2012 edition

(Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through to see the change) I’ve felt for a while that I should make this blog better suited to mobile interfaces and, in particular, touchscreen devices. This is known as responsive web design and I’ve been particularly impressed with Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ design language leading to a tiled […]

Working for an Academy vs. working for JISC infoNet [visualisation]

Back in 2009 when I was Director of e-Learning of The Northumberland Church of England Academy I started tracking my own activities. Using a private WordPress-powered blog with the P2 theme, I quickly logged what I was up to, adding tags as I went. Below is the tag cloud after one month of using the […]

The 10 most popular posts of the first half of 2012 are…

36,000 unique visitors* have stopped by this blog since the beginning of 2012. Nice. What are you all looking at? Not what I would have thought. 1. This is why teachers leave teaching. Effectively just a commentary on Mark Clarkson’s stellar post. Almost 4,000 unique visitors to that one. 2. Announcing my new e-book: ‘The […]

Take my inagural reader survey. It’ll take 5 minutes, tops. Promise. The survey is now closed. Thanks for your interest! (9 questions + bonus for chance to win hard copy of Best of Belshaw 2011) Over the years I’ve added things and taken away things from this blog. I’ve experimented with tone, titles, blog post length and use of images. But really I need to […]

HOWTO: Create a clickable tag cloud using Tagul

I’ve been asked several times now how I created the clickable tag cloud on the OER infoKit. To save having to explain myself lots of times (and to make others aware that it’s possible) I created this guide (be sure to click Menu/View Fullscreen): Creating a clickable tag cloud using Tagul View more presentations from […]