Famous for 42 seconds. [AUDIO]

Like tens of thousands of people around the world I’m a regular listener to the BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed podcast. In fact, as it’s usually around 27 minutes long it’s perfect for my 5k runs (including warm-up and warm-down, obviously…) For those of you who don’t listen to it, Laurie Taylor – who’s voice […]

“You can tell a lot about someone from what they’re like.”

I’m not a big fan of pigeon-holing or stereotyping. But I am a fan of heuristics: rules-of-thumb that ‘just work’ and provides ways of working and methodological approaches. For this reason I was interested in Vicki Davis’ recent blog post about Typealyzer and personality types…

Productivity, Organization & #tweetmeet

I’ve spent this afternoon and early evening at a ‘tweetmeet’. These are also known as ‘tweetups’ and are when people who have previously only met, or usually communicate, through the microblogging service Twitter meet up face-to-face. I’d actually met all of the people from the small tweetmeet we had today in Nottingham.* :-p Such ‘unorganized’ […]

3 ‘well, duh’ BBC Education articles

Sometimes there’s some articles on the BBC News Education pages that make you wonder who’s paying for the research they’re based upon. Here’s 3 just from yesterday: 71% of pupils admit being a bully – and the other 29% are liars if, as I suspect, ‘bullying’ has been very widely defined. Real bullying can blight […]

Why ‘high culture’ for pupils is highly wrong-headed

BBC News reports that the Children’s Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Secretary Andy Burnham will today launch an initiative that promises access to ‘high-quality cultural activities’. It proposes visits to theatre shows, museums and galleries and the opportunity to learn how to act and play musical instruments. “Great!!” one would think. I disagree.