Obliquity, PISA, and ‘shareholder value’ in education.

At TEDx Warwick last Saturday I was first up, meaning I could sit back, relax and listen properly to the other speakers. Whilst I could write several posts about floating islands, medical implants and sustainability, I want to focus on just one of them. John Kay, author of Obliquity: why our goals are best achieved […]

If not now, when? Why we need #openbadges and #dmlbadges for lifelong learning RIGHT NOW.

You know what? If I could, god-like, step outside of time and decide just when to make a large-scale change to western education systems, I think I’d choose right now. Why? People are ready for change. The current system isn’t working and we haven’t got the money to prop it up any more. And you […]

What did we learn during a ‘semester of learning’ on #openbadges over at P2PU.org?

Seven weeks ago I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ about Mozilla’s Open Badges. This was originally going to be hosted on an installation of BuddyPress, but eventually resided at P2PU.org in a group called Open Badges and Assessment. It attracted a diverse mix of people, most of whom I’d never encountered before (I love it […]

#openbadges – Learner Stories

Over at P2PU.org I’m co-ordinating a ‘semester of learning’ on Mozilla’s upcoming Open Badges framework. This past week we’ve been looking at ‘learner stories’, scenarios for using badges to credentialise learning. Here’s my (fictional) attempt to explain how badges could work in the contexts with which I’m familiar. Sarah: recognition for extra-curricular learning Sarah is […]

JOIN US! A semester of learning about Open Badges and assessment.

What: An informal, collaborative group learning more about Mozilla’s Open Badge architecture. Why: To consider the ways Open Badges could be used to credentialise educational outcomes. Where: http://p2pu.org/en/groups/open-badges-and-assessment When: Saturday 13th August – Friday 30th September 2011 Hashtag: #openbadges I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ on Open Badges and assessment earlier this week. The idea seemed to gain […]

Semester of Learning: Open Badges and assessment

Update: This will now take place at P2PU.org At the Thinking Digital Conference 2011 Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions at Ogilvy mentioned an idea that immediately struck a chord with me. The idea? Having a semester of learning. This, of course, is a term loosely borrowed from universities but the way Nicole described and applied […]