Doug’s quick reference page

This page is to help me find things to which I refer to often without having to resort to tagging or web searches.  🙂

Digital/New/Web Literacies

Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture [PDF] (Henry Jenkins) – outlines the skills required for new literacies.

Digital Literacy: professional development resource (Futurelab) – useful stuff for people wanting practical digital literacy-related CPD resources for schools.

Digital Literacy across the curriculum handbook (Futurelab) – goes hand-in-hand with the professional development resource (above).

Consequences of a digital literacy review: from terminology to action (Tabetha Newman) – useful 5-step process model for digital literacies.

Developing Digital Literacies programme (JISC) – overview of the programme and links to projects.

Educational technology

SAMR: guiding development [PDF] (Ruben Puentedura) – introduces the SAMR model for guiding technology deployment in education.

Future of education

The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age (Cathy Davidson and David Theo Goldberg) – argues that we need to re-imagine higher education in the light of networked learning.


My favorite graphs… and the future (Kathy Sierra) – a collection of graphs used by Kathy in various (kick-ass) posts before she abandoned blogging in 2007 due to death threats.

Social Objects are the future of marketing (Hugh McLeod) – talks about the importance of objects as things to have conversations about and around.