Weeknote 21/2016

What I’ve been up to this week.


Do only yogurt-knitting vegans start co-operatives?

An overview of weareopen.coop’s inaugural planning session at Ravensbourne today.


The problem with ‘grit’

Originally a term used to express concern with aristocratic laziness, the term is now used as a stick with which to beat the poor.


Beyond ‘low-hanging fruit’: why I’m no longer an Open Badges evangelist

We’ve reached a tipping point. It’s time to flip from evangelism to strategy.


Weeknote 20/2016

What I’ve been up to this week.


The Future of Work: Trends and Toolsets

Some work that started life in a report for a client.


Developing my offer: what I’m planning for the next few months

Thinking and planning out loud.


📰 Weeknote 19/2016

What I got up to this week.


A walkthrough of 9Sharp, a new platform for personal branding [SPONSOR]

A message from our (newsletter) sponsors…


Weak signals

I’ve got more availability from September 2016. Get in touch!