Questions about the future of education

When anyone asks me, students included, why on earth I became a teacher, I tell them the truth. “I became a teacher to change the system.” That’s why I’m always interested in discussing and debating the future of education. This morning, Dave Stacey, someone I am proud to call a fellow History teacher and UK […]

(Almost) everything you need to know about the 14-19 changes

Brevity is a virtue. It’s all very well having a way with words, but they need to be read, understood and inwardly-digested to make an impact. Our Head was sufficiently impressed with SecEd‘s guide to the changes in GCSEs and wider 14 to 19 reforms to have it photocopied and issued to staff. I’m going […]

The Working Classes

As regular readers of my blog(s) are no doubt sick of hearing by now, I grew up in Ashington – once, allegedly, the largest mining village in the world. Although class consciousness didn’t really rear it’s ugly head until I flew the nest and headed off to university, I grew up within – but was […]

What is ‘digital literacy’? It’s certainly not this…

Microsoft have proudly announced their Digital Literacy Curriculum. They’ve no doubt about what they mean by the term ‘digital literacy’ – the strapline to the bold title on their site being, ‘Helping you develop a fundamental understanding of computers.’ Oh. So, they’ll be teaching you about Mac OSX and Linux, then? Right, so it’s Microsoft-only […]