Google Presentations now with custom backgrounds

I love the ease of use of Google Presentations, part of Google Apps, and – more importantly – part of Google Apps for Education. When it was launched, however, the number of themes available was rather limited. You ended up with incongruities like this (from one of my students): At least now some customization is […]

Busy, busy, busy…

Not much time to give updates as to what I’m up to here, but suffice to say I’ve been involved in the following recently: Futurelab’s Why Don’t You…? conference in London Getting my church’s website up-and-running Preparing for an upcoming presentation I’m doing in Birmingham (through Working with Nick Dennis on some interactive resources […]

The obligatory iPhone in education post

So… the iPhone was unleashed in the UK yesterday (Friday 9 November) to an over-hyped audience. It has a revolutionary interface and is the must-have gadget this Christmas. I, however, will not be getting one being quite happy with my Nokia N95 and the excellent 5 megapixel photos it produces, ability to record MPEG-4 video, […]

Ning now ad-free for educators!

Ning, the social network-creation utility favoured by NextGenTeachers and Classroom 2.0 is now advert-free for educators. This is largely thanks to the work of Steve Hargadon who lists the following steps to setting up your own ad-free Ning: Create a social network, if you don’t already have one. Go to Use the subject line: […]

Numeracy improvements thanks to the good doctor

BBC News reports that the numeracy and concentration skills of a class of primary school children have increased ‘dramatically’ due to playing Dr Kawashima’s More Brain Training on the Nintendo DS. The pupils played for 15 minutes before lessons every day for 10 weeks and their progress was measured against a similar group. Although, of […]

How educational technology should change

Tim Holt has an America-centric – but nevertheless useful – go at educational technology leaders in a recent post entitled Dear Ed Tech Leaders. You should read Tim’s post, but to summarise giving it my own unique twist: 1. Conferences should be free I’m off to a conference during my half-term on Tuesday/Wednesday this week. […]