Things I’ve been reading online recently

I don’t like it when people automatically post their daily links on their blog. It just clutters up my feed reader. What I do like, however, is when bloggers share what they’ve really enjoyed reading. So here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading recently with a brief synopsis! 😀 – How to Be an Expert […]

I’ve started using Twitter with my pupils…

My Year 11 (15-16 year old) History groups – the ones who blog, can use a wiki (until Wikispaces became unavailable/unusable through the school network), use Google Apps for Education and on occasion submit YouTube videos instead of essays are now Twittering. It’s about time: I’ve been talking about doing this for over a year […]

Wixi: a bizarre yet useful free file-sharing / web-desktop hybrid

I stumbled across Wixi today. It’s a combination of desktop operating system, file-sharing application and personal file repository. It reminds me of EyeOS with which I experimented a year or more ago. It’s currently supposed to be in invitation-only beta, but you can sign-up using this page and get unlimited storage! Once you’ve created your […]

The Map Is Not The Territory: the changing face of the edublogosphere

I started reading educational blogs in late 2004/early 2005. Back then, there were only a few educators blogging – the likes of Will Richardson, Vicki Davis, Wesley Fryer. Oh, and the inimitable Stephen Downes. There was (and still is) a dearth of UK-based educational bloggers. One thing they had in common, however, was a revolutionary […]