Mobile phone projectors? Now we’re talking…

Slashdot reports on a PC Pro article about the likelihood of mobile phone being launched with in-built projectors by the end of this year. Demonstrated at CES 2008 the technology developed by 3M should allow a 50″ VGA-quality image to be displayed at between 8-10 lumens. Although they claim the projector can last for up […]

Ed.D. Thesis Proposal (almost there!)

I’ve just sent off the draft of my Ed.D. thesis proposal re-submission to my temporary supervisor. My working title is What does it mean to be ‘educated’ and ‘digitally literate’? The impact of ICT and the knowledge society upon education in the 21st century. At 7,500 words the thesis proposal is too long, but I’m […]

How to upgrade your Nokia N95 to v12.x firmware and make it a whole lot better

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to upgrade the firmware on my Nokia N95 after I’d read lots of blog posts saying how wonderful the new version was. In fact, some said it was like having a new phone! Unfortunately, I managed to re-install the same firmware over the top of my existing one […]

No place for ‘gadgets’ in the classroom?

BBC News reports that both the Children’s Minister and the NASUWT’s General Secretary of Teaching have urged parents to ensure Christmas toys stay at home. The latter, Chris Keates, is quoted as saying, “can be a real headache for teachers when they are trying to get everyone settled down to start learning. Teachers would be […]