#TEDxWarwick: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies

Update: the video of my talk is now available! TEDx Warwick: The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies View more presentations from Doug Belshaw As this post goes live I’ll be delivering my talk at TEDx Warwick. <gulp!> I wanted to take the opportunity to point towards the stuff that I didn’t managed to cram into […]

Getting started with Digital Literacies [Presentation]

Hot on the heels of my Ed.D. thesis submission, the presentation below (click through if you don’t see it!) will hopefully be of help some of those looking to grapple with developing digital literacies in their institution or organization. Getting Started With Digital Literacies View more presentations from Doug Belshaw This builds on my previous […]

Introducing neverendingthesis.com! (a.k.a. today’s the day I submit my Ed.D. thesis…)

Today’s a big day in my life. This afternoon I’m heading to Durham to hand in what I’ve been calling on Twitter the #neverendingthesis. That hashtag, of course, is more-than-slightly disingenuous given that I’m submitting it almost two years early. At first, the #neverendingthesis thing was just a bit of fun. However, as I came […]

Read the first complete draft of my doctoral thesis on digital literacies.

Update: I’ve now submitted my thesis and it’s available at neverendingthesis.com! In 2006 George Siemens asked a bunch of people (including me) to proofread his book, Knowing Knowledge which he – innovatively for the time – released as a book, PDF and wiki. I happily did so and was credited along with many others who […]

Epistemic games and situated learning.

In the last chapter of my hopefully-soon-to-be-complete Ed.D. thesis I’m applying a model of digital literacy to games-based learning in an attempt to see if there’s scope for a ‘digital games literacy’. One of the leading lights in this field is the Australian academic James Paul Gee who, thankfully, writes in an extremely incisive and […]

From my research: New Literacies around the world

In case you’ve not subscribed to the RSS feed yet, I’m updating my new blog literaci.es regularly with the outputs from my ongoing Ed.D. work: ‘Digital literacy’ in Norway? The history and status of digital literacy in Norway is complex. The term is presumed by English-speaking researchers and educators to mean, in a straightforward way, […]

Trajectories of ambiguity: my first journal article.

In a move that will no doubt shock known world, I’ve decided that first-ever journal article will be both a collaborative venture and cock a snook towards traditional subject disciplines. Provisionally entitled Seven types of ambiguity and digital literacy I’m co-authoring it with my Ed.D. thesis supervisor Steve Higgins. Allegations that I’m doing so to […]

Why e-safety isn’t part of digital literacy (and never will be).

Increasingly, I’m realising that there are unsaid words that precede almost any statement involving a connotative element. What are those words? Let me tell you a story… Given the potential for almost any word in any language to be used metaphorically, storytelling is happening pretty much most of the time. So here’s my story. Digital […]