Back on the thesis proposal trail…

(Depth of Mist Wood) After failing my previous Ed.D. thesis proposal (I can see why now…) I’m beginning the process of starting from first principles, this time building towards analysing the concept of ‘digital literacy’. The books I’ll be looking at today are both ones I’ve looked at (briefly) before and are both edited by […]

Meeting with Ed.D. supervisor – 24 July 2007

I met with my supervisor today to thrash out the way forward with my Ed.D. thesis proposal. It was a productive conversation and he helped me gain some much-needed focus to my sometimes rambling thoughts. I’m going to focus on the concept of ‘digital literacy’. This, of course, means that I need to clarify exactly […]

NESTA ‘Hidden Innovation’ report

Leon Cych over at the Flux blog points to a report which could be handy in the next stage of my thesis research. It’s by NESTA and entitled Hidden Innovation. Looking at six sectors including education, its main recommendations are that ‘the innovation that occurs in these sectors is often excluded from traditional measurements.’ Leon […]

Ed.D. thesis proposal failure

Disappointingly, my Ed.D. thesis proposal‘s provisional mark of 48 was confirmed at the exam board this week. This means I have failed the very last module I will probably ever take. To say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement, having never failed anything academically. I’m actually somewhat frustrated with my supervisor, who […]

Ed.D. thesis proposal bibliography

As promised earlier, here’s the bibliography for my Ed.D. thesis proposal. This might prove handy for those looking to read up on the areas of 21st century literacy, what it means to be ‘educated’ in the 21st century, and how educational technology has impacted schools. Abbott, J. & Ryan, T. (2000) The Unfinished Revolution: learning, […]