Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Why have managers?

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Why have managers?

Completing the series writing up Laura Thomson’s talk.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Goals, scheduling, shipping

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Goals, scheduling, shipping

More from Laura Thomson’s MVB talk.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Problem solving and decision making

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Problem Solving and Decision Making

My latest post writing up Laura Thomson’s ideas.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Practicalities

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Practicalities

Putting some of Laura Thomson’s ideas into action.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy - Scale

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy: Scale, Chaordic Systems & Trust

Part 1 of writing up Laura Thomson’s excellent talk.

On routines and rituals.

I’m a great believer in routines. I’m a believer in them because I think that innovation is predicated upon standardisation. In other words, routines afford us the spare capacity to think about things other than (repetitive) tasks at hand. Routines provide spare capacity by removing, or narrowing, choice. Take my morning routine, for example. Granted, […]

An example of innovation being built upon standardization.

I’ve been reading Reinventing Knowledge: from Alexandria to the Internet over the last couple of days. It takes an interesting approach, looking at intellectual history through institutions rather than individuals: The Library, The Monastery, The University, The Republic of Letters, The Disciplines, The Laboratory. After I mentioned my belief that innovation is (generally) built upon […]

How to do battle with Status Quo. And win.

There’s an underground religion at work in every institution and most organisations. It’s something that pervades meeting after meeting and interaction after interaction. People everywhere are worshipping the Status Quo. Whilst for those of a certain age this will immediately bring to mind an ageing rock band who can be seen in arenas worldwide miming […]