Strange name, useful web app. Mojiti allows you to annotate videos from variety of sources, including YouTube and Google Video. This could be very useful for peer reviewing and even for remixing other people’s content to suit what you’re doing with your particular students!


iQuiz: learning games on an iPod

iQuiz logo

A post at Tony Vincent’s excellent Learning in Hand blog has informed me of a new ‘game’ for Apple iPods entitled iQuiz. This $0.99 (£0.75) game allows you to view and play quizzes on a 5th generation iPod (known as ‘iPod Video’). Fortunately I have one of these and was able to test it. My verdict? It rocks: really professionally made, very intuitive and could be great to use with students!


There’s immense possibilities for this. I’ve recently added a whole host of iPod-formatted video and audio files to a password-protected page on my website for students. As I will be able to create games for free at (currently Mac-only, but with a Windows version forthcoming) this opens up even more opportunities…

Picture of iQuiz on iPod Picture of iQuiz on iPod (click to enlarge)

More at the Apple Learning Interchange


Offline Wikipedia

According to BBC News, Wikipedia are to start putting articles on CD and selling them for offline at $13.99 (£7). Whilst this is probably good news for third world countries (charities might foot the bill) if you want to do something similar yourself, I’d recommend doing it for free with Webaroo


Google Spreadsheets now with chart capabilities

 Google Spreadsheets - now with charts!

Google’s suite of office applications took another step closer to making Microsoft Office all but redundant last week when they announced that Google Spreadsheets can now produce charts from data.

Because of the simplicity of the tools I think that Google Docs & Spreadsheets could be a viable alternative to Microsoft Office for most educational institutions. Of course, I’d recommend that remains installed on the network for more complex things and if there’s any problems, but this feature is great! With the upcoming presentations feature, I’d recommend that schools look seriously at getting all their students signed up for a Google Account


Pay Attention: your students are Digital

I’ve already mentioned TeacherTube on this blog – YouTube for educational content. Here’s a great example of it in action – a video just less than 8 minutes long which is like a rich video version of an essay persuading teachers to use the educational technology students already own and/or know how to use to help them learn more effectively. It’s by Darren Draper – thanks to the Educational Mac for the heads-up!

Watch it now, and then share it with those you know who need a ‘prod’ in the right direction!



If you use blogs with your students, you’d probably appreciate a plugin which lets you comment on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. That’s what CommentPress from if:book promises to let you do. The trouble is that is hasn’t been released yet – but according to their blog it shouldn’t be long!