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Webmaker badges are GO!

I’m absolutely delighted that this weekend that we at Mozilla have launched the first iteration of Webmaker badges. You can get started earning them right now by going to thimble.webmaker.org:

Webmaker badges in Thimble

More here: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2012/11/10/webmaker-badges/

Webmaker badges, in part, are based upon the work I’m doing around Web Literacies:

Web Literacies grid

You can find out more about that Web Literacies framework at http://mzl.la/weblit

(and badges are coming soon in PopcornMaker – now at v1.0!)

  • http://johnjohnston.info/blog johnjohnston

    Hi Doug,

    Very nice, much easier to get ones head round badges with a straightforward example.

    I found Thimble a bit unresponsive on my macbook and it has some issues using an iPad. Once I’d switched to a faster box things went a little better:
    Next I want to see how to embed the badges on a blog or webpage? Can’t see that on the backpack but see it on your sidebar.

    If thimble works with a bit more zip than I am getting on school computers this could be really useful.

    • http://dougbelshaw.com/ Doug Belshaw

      Hi John, I think from Twitter you’ve got the badge display stuff working now? I think the server was a bit slow as it was getting some hammer from across the web on this launch weekend! :-)

      Doug Belshaw

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