JOIN US! A semester of learning about Open Badges and assessment.

Open Badges and assessment

What: An informal, collaborative group learning more about Mozilla’s Open Badge architecture.

Why: To consider the ways Open Badges could be used to credentialise educational outcomes.


When: Saturday 13th August – Friday 30th September 2011

Hashtag: #openbadges

I proposed a ‘semester of learning’ on Open Badges and assessment earlier this week. The idea seemed to gain some enthusiasm and traction, so I’ve gone ahead and set up a study group at There’s no real need for a commitment other than joining the group and lurkers are as welcome as frequent contributors.

There’ll be a live Q&A and discussion session via IRC at 20.00 BST (GMT+1) tonight, Saturday 13th April, and every Saturday night. The link to get involved with that is in the sidebar at

The first week’s task is really easy: read up on Open Badges so that in Week 2 we can negotiate how we’re going to move forward discussing and debating how they could be used within education.

Join us!

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Husband, father, teacher, researcher, doctor (edu), speaker, leader, swimmer, camomile tea drinker. Currently at @Mozilla working on @Webmaker and #webliteracy.

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