Best 3 things about my new job?

I used to work in schools as a teacher then a senior leader. I’m now a Researcher/Analyst for JISC infoNet.

People have asked me recently about the differences between the two. Here’s the best 3 things about my new role:

1. Flexi-time: I can work more at times when I’m more productive and take holidays at times that suit me.

2. Social media: We’re positively encouraged to use social media at work – and there’s minimal Internet filtering!

3. Work-life balance: I now actually *have* some of the latter half of this equation…

So yes, I’m enjoying it. Do I miss being in the classroom? Of course! Do I miss all of the stuff that goes with it? No way! :-)

About Doug Belshaw

Husband, father, teacher, researcher, doctor (edu), speaker, leader, swimmer, camomile tea drinker. Currently at @Mozilla working on @Webmaker and #webliteracy.

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