NOT Friday Fun

I had intended, as per my proposal in The new blog order to post another batch of some humorous, light-hearted stuff today. But I don’t feel like it. :-(

Why? It would seem a little inappropriate given the huge loss of life due to the earthquake in Haiti to do anything else but provide a link to a place where you can donate to help the relief effort. Having grown up through various appeals (Ethiopia, Kosovo, etc.) I used to be pretty much immune to such appeals. Things kind of change, though, when you start a family of your own. A BBC Radio 4 report this morning about injured children sleeping amongst dead bodies did enough for me to donate this time around. :-o

Donate to UNICEF $

Don’t want to use this? Want to donate to another charity? Check out Google’s Support Disaster Relief in Haiti page.

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Husband, father, teacher, researcher, doctor (edu), speaker, leader, swimmer, camomile tea drinker. Currently at @Mozilla working on @Webmaker and #webliteracy.

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