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How to promote organizational innovation.

future_of_ideasI’m reading Lawrence Lessig’s The Future of Ideas at the moment. It’s excellent. :-)

After charting the history of the Internet,  and especially relating to its ‘open’ nature after the government’s relationship with AT&T, he explains that there are three ‘layers’ to the Internet:

  1. The Physical layer
  2. The Code layer
  3. The Content layer

If all three layers are controlled then this ‘chills’ innovation. I agree.

It made me think about innovation within organizations and I knocked up this table to help clarify my thinking:

3 layers

Whaddya reckon? :-D

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  1. Thought provoking, a nice idea and I can see what you are getting at but we have to be careful that the analogy used doesn’t constrain or distort the argument.

    Hmm, I would prefer more organic models perhaps – more network, layer emergent approaches.