The purpose of elearnr is to share links, resources and guides related to elearning. There are many definitions of ‘elearning’, including learning solely by distance, usually over the Internet. This isn’t what is meant here. Instead, ‘elearning’ is taken in a much wider sense to mean technology-enhanced learning or:

The links, resources and guides here are to aid me in the dissemination process for my role of E-Learning Staff Tutor. This is a new role at my school and one that will evolve over time.

This blog takes part of its inspiration from Karl Fisch’s staff development blog, The Fischbowl. The way in which he has enthused and encouraged colleagues at his school is inspirational! :-)

Karl and others were responsible for producing a very influential video entitled Shift Happens, which is a great place to start if you wonder why educators need to start blending some elearning into their everyday practice. It has been modified for the UK by Ray Flemming:

About Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkerer. Consultant focusing on #digilit & #openbadges. Previously: @mozilla / @jisc / school senior leader / #historyteacher.


  1. This is a great site Doug! Am RSSing it now, with your other blog. Very useful stuff, thank you.

    An e-learning staff tutor…sounds like a great job :) I'm doing my PhD here in Sydney, Australia, and teaching English at a local high school. I help other teachers at school when I can with their e-teaching, but there is never enough time to do it all!

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