Edublogosphere survey results

Scott McLeod over at Dangerously Irrelevant has posted the results of the edublogosphere survey he carried out via his blog. 160 edubloggers responded, and he has put the information together in a spreadsheet, a narrated Flash video, and a Powerpoint slideshow.

The two slides of the slideshow that stood out for me were the two slides pertaining to what edubloggers get out of blogging and what the most difficult thing for them is about the whole deal:

Edublogger - advantages Edublogger - difficulties (click to enlarge)

Interestingly, the average number of RSS feeds subscribed to by the participants in the survey was 89. This, of course, will be skewed towards the top end, as those who were aware of the survey will be those who read the most RSS feeds! Stephen Downes estimates the edublogosphere to be around 500 blogs strong, so it’s a reasonable sample.

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